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Here are links to some of the blogs I am following and some also made me decide to start my own blog. If you know of a blog that isn't on this list and you think I should check it out just leave me a message. If you want me to add a link to your blog all I ask is that you do the same for me :) Thank and enjoy!!!

Makeup Companies - Just some of the indie cosmetic companies I love. There are so many so this list is always growing.
Blog Posts - These are some of the specific Blog Posts I find helpful, or that have inspired me!
  • Gingerbreadmanne - 5 minute polish removal w/ 1 Cotton Ball - Since I found this it is the most common method I use to remove nail polish. It works and you use less the half a cotton ball. So You save money too. I also found that for more layers of polish or more stubborn polish I tend to dip my cotton covered nail tip into the polish remover after a minute or too. But I love this and so glad I found it!
Please check back for new additions :)

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