Thursday, December 5, 2013

Neon Waterfall Nails

Man I am a horrible blogger *hangs head in shame* I'm not going to make any promises about the future. I am going to try and get myself to post more, but I guess it will happen when it happens. So on to my nails...

I've been seeing "waterfall" nails for awhile and I finally decided to give it a try. Here is my inspiration:

The Nailasaurus seems to have started this look, I may be wrong but I still love it. If you click the picture it will take you to all of her Waterfall nails and a tutorial. 

Here is my try at it, but first please excuse my dry and ugly cuticle and I missed a little bit of clean up. It was late when I was doing them and I was tired. Please forgive me my sins lol. Ok here goes:

 For the base I used Sinful Colors "Skylark" it is a great polish. The formula was smooth and almost totally opaque in one coat. I did two for good measure.I really like the color, I'm not really sure how to describe it, but I don't like I really have anything else like it in my collection.

 Using a striping brush I went through the colors I had picked out and placed random strokes on each nail.

 After I had used each color I went through them again to fill in any gaps I had. The polishes I used were:

 China Glaze "I'm With The Lifeguard" One of my favorite neon greens.

 China Glaze "Hanging In The Balance"

 Essie "The Lace Is On" This is a BEAUTIFUL purple polish. I just loved it even just seeing it as a few strokes on my nails.

 China Glaze "Pool Party"

 Revlon "Hypnotize"

 Sinful Colors "Glimmer"

 After I finished I decided to add a coat of "Northern Lights" topcoat because I love sparkle :)

 All in all I like how it turned out. Both hands turned out a little different. /\ my right hand
\/my left hand
 I like my right hand a little better because I made the stroke a bit longer. The left hand looks like too much of the base color is showing.

I really like how this turned out and I plan on trying it again in the future with different colors. Make sure to check out The Nailasaurus's blog to see some great nails!

Thanks for reading and I hope to post again soon.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's A Bloodly Mess!!!

One of my favorite things to do is a splatter mani, and I love blood splatters the most!! Halloween would not be complete without one. Here is mine for the holiday season :)

I started out with 1 coat of Circus 'Reverso' which is the awesome white polish from my last post.

I seriously love this polish an am on the look out to get another bottle! I could have done 2 coats but just the one served it's purpose. Since I have the french tip CNS nails (Custom Nail Solutions) I usually need a base coat unless the polish is darker. So I just use 1 coat to give me a staring point.

This is what I ended up with: (please excuse the slight tip wear on a few nails. I wasn't able to take pictures right after doing my nails so I did them as soon as I could.

 Left Hand: I used a coffee stirrer as the straw. I really like how this one turned out.

 Left Thumb
 Right hand. I didn't want to go over board and make them really "bloody" so I tried to keep it to 1 or 2 blows per finger and a 3rd one here and there.

 Left thumb
 My wonderful bottle of 'Reverso'

 For the blood I actually mixed two polishes together. I really wanted the red to sparkle. I liked the color of Spoiled 'Pick Your Poison' and the sparkle/glitter in NYC 'Broadway Burgundy Frost. It's a little hard to see the sparkle in the pictures but it is much more noticeable in person.

I think that mani turned out pretty darn good!!! I hop you like it as much as I do. I am hoping to have another post up tomorrow. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bat My Eyes Because I'm Still Here!

I haven't posted in quite some time. It feels like forever. I've felt really bad for neglecting my blog for so long. I hope that I can turn things around and start posting more. I'm just going to jump in and show you a Halloween mani that I did a week or so ago :)

I always love Halloween and the nail polishes that come out around this time of year. I felt let down because it didn't seem like anyone really came out with a Halloween collection this year. At least I can always count on my wonderful China Glaze! I love China Glaze and I am rarely disappointed in them. I picked up all of the polishes from the Monsters Ball Collection, except the black textured polish and the glow in the dark top coat. I don't like any of the textured polishes and I already have tons of glow in the dark. 

Today I am going to show you China Glaze 'Bat My Eyes'

'Bat My Eyes' is a black jelly completely packed with different sizes of gold glitter. There is a little bit of orange and gold bar glitter but you can't really see them much unless you really look up close. The above picture is 3 coats. The first coat was very thin and hardly any glitter. The second coat really packed it on. The 3rd coat was just for good measure. The formula was great, a little on the thick side, but I had no problems.

 A close up of the polish. You can kinda see a couple of the bar glitters.

 While editing this pictures I noticed a couple of bare-ish spots near the cuticles, but they weren't really visible to the naked eye. I think next time I use this polish I will use a base coat of black just to try and avoid this from happening again.

 I can't really think of any polish that I have that is close to similar so just another reason to like it :)

 I decided to try and work on my stamping and since I had just got the new Bundle Monster Create Your Own set I knew which plates to use :)

 Not perfect, but I still like how it came out. I just need to keep practicing and then I will, hopefully, get better at it. Plus I need to figure out what polishes work the best for stamping.

  I used 2 plates for this mani. The coffin, which I love, was from plate BM-402

 The full skeleton was from plate BM-413

  The polish I used for the stamping was Circus 'Reverso' I love this polish. I works great for stamping and I also found out that it works wonderful as a base coat. It is the closest I've come to finding a 1 coat white polish. I plan on picking up a back up bottle if I can find one. You will see this polish in my next mani :)

Thanks for reading and again I am very sorry for being gone for so long. So many good things have been going on in my life as well as a few bad ones, but I try to focus on the good. Happy Halloween and see you tomorrow!!!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Turquoise Granite

I finally got around to trying something new. I saw this picture awhile ago...

This is from Spektor's Nails. It is like doing a water marble, but you only use one color and then you spray hand sanitizer on to it while it is in the water...

Here is a video from Cutepolish to show you what I mean :)

Ok so now that you know what is going on here is what I did :)

 I started out with 2 coats of Julep "Lena" which is a nice turquoise with a slight golden shimmer. Sadly the shimmer isn't as noticeable on the nail :( but it is a very opaque polish and I could have gotten away with 1 coat, but I did an extra coat for good measure!

 This polish went on smooth, like butter! I own quite a few julep polishes but I just haven't used them much.

For the black I used China Glaze "Liquid Leather." My left hand for the most part turned out great. It took a few tries to get what I wanted, but I'm not great at water marbling to begin with. I love this look!!

 I wanted to add a little gold to it like in my inspiration picture so I used one of my cheap nail art pens. This one can be used to ways, like a pen or with a thin brush. I used the thin brush part.

 Not really sure if this is the brand or not. I bought a bunch of then for $2 each at a random store at the mall awhile ago.

 My left hand looks awesome :)

 The thumb wasn't that great though :(

 My right hand.... not so great. I think part of it was because I was getting tired, and my shoulder was bothering me. I've been having pain under my shoulder blade for a couple weeks, it comes and goes. So I just wanted to finish and ended up rushing on my right hand.

 For my first try at this, I think it turned out decent!

 Nice picture on a afghan my granny made years ago. She is gone now so it is nice to have things that remind me of her :)

 These are the best out of them all!

 This is what the polish looks like in the water after spraying with the hand sanitizer. I sprayed a couple times to get it to break up more. You want to make sure you don't spray it too close. Practice, practice, practice!

My like sprayer that I bought at the dollar store.

Well my friends that is all for today. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think. Feel free to post any mani's you do that are similar on my facebook page :)

For more on Julep nail polish you can find a list of all of their polishes here!! Enjoy!