Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blood Splatter!!!!

Warning: Picture Heavy!!!

I've been seeing many posts about people doing blood splatter nails. I was very excited to try it myself. It made me think of my favorite show.... Dexter :)

So it's pretty easy to do once you know how to do it.

 You just put down a base color of your choice. Here are the colors I used:
I used L.A. Colors "Energy Source" and did 3 coats. It's not the best white because it is so sheer and  very streaky :( but it was the only white I had, but I have since bought a new one :)

On top of that I used 2 coats of Sinful Colors "Easy Going" to give it a little bit of a sparkle.

To do the splatter you pour a little of the red, I used L.A. Colors "Hot Blooded" out and dip a straw in it and blow through it to create the splatter :) I put tape around my fingers so the clean up would be easier. What you see in the pictures is the remining clean up needed. So here are pictures of what I ended up with... I really like it!! The red ended up being kind of pinkish so next time I will have to use a darker red next time.


I hope you enjoyed. Please leave any comments or questions you may have. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow me :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

An unexpected dupe!!

I recently found another blogger (NailXchange) who had China Glaze "Zombie Zest" and was willing to trade!! I was so excited. I later saw a picture of "Ick-A-Bod-Y" and have since been wanting that one as well. The other day I was at Wal-Mart and decided to take a stroll down the clearance aisle. I'm SO happy that i didn't I found 2 polishes I haven't seen before. They were from last Halloween from Hard Candy. I bought "Mischief" and "Wicked" After looking at "Mischief for a bit I decided to look and see if anyone had done a comparison between "Ick-A-Bod-Y" and "Mischief"... and they did...

I was soooooo excited. Now I don't have to drive myself crazy looking for the China Glaze polish :)
So on to today's mani...

These are the polishes I used for today...
L.A. Colors "Topaz", Sinful Colors "Show Me The Way", China Glaze "Ghoulish Glow, and Hard Candy "Mischief"
I wasn't really sure what I was going to do so I kinda just flew by the seat of my pants lol. I was going to use "Show Me The Way" as the base color, but I realized it was to sheer so I used "Topaz" as underwear. "Topaz" is a very pretty color and sparkly :)

 I used 2 coats of "Topaz" and then topped it with 2 coats of "Show Me The Way"

I wanted to use "Mischief" but I just didn't know what to do with it so I just pick up a paintbrush and this is what I ended up with lol

The stripes aren't perfect, but I'm still pretty new to all of this :) Well that's all for tonight. I hope you like it and please follow me and leave any questions or comments you may have below. As always thanks for reading!

Oh and I almost forgot... Here is a preview for my next post :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Mom's pick

Once again I had no idea what colors to use on my nails so I asked my mom :) She suggested I do something holloween-ish, so she chose brown and orange. As I was looking for polishes I realised I have barely any browns or oranges. So I had to use what I had, but I also made a mental note to keep an eye out for more oranges and browns.
Sinful Colors "Nirvana", WNW "Sunny Side Up", and Sinful Colors "Cloud 9"
I ended up using 2 coats of Sinful Colors "Nirvana" for the base,

 2 coats of WNW "Sunny Side Up" for the tips and then I topped it all off with 1 coat of Sinful Colors "Cloud 9".

  "Cloud 9" is a very sheer color, but it is sooooo pretty. I tried to capture the sparkle this color has. I used a thin coat to give my nails a little bit of a sparkle to them. The brown just didn't look right until I put this color on. Very glad I did.

My original idea was to try and do some sponging......... it turned out horrible... twice!!! lol so those pictures have been destroyed to leave to evidence of the epic fail they were lol. After that I decided to just go a bit simpler so I went to my old faithful mani :) I didn't realise how sheer "Cloud 9" was until I did this mani. I like the overall look that was my end result.

Like most of my mani's I wore this for 2 days. My next post shows a dupe I found for a polish I've really been wanting... but you will have to wait.. Thanks for reading and don't forget to follow my blog! Please leave any questions or comments you have below.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Picked by my Fiance... and another franken!

I never know what color(s) to paint my nails so I normally ask my mom (who lives downstairs from me) or my fiance, Jody, for color suggestions. Well it was Jody's turn and he said "bright green with pink tips" You may not know this about me but I LOVE green and I could care less about pink. I do have a couple pinks though. I wasn't really excited about his choice but I did it any ways..... and honestly, I'm really glad I did. I love how it turned out. The colors worked really well together. Ok on to the pictures :)

I don't know why but I forgot to take a picture of the green base color. For the base I used 2 coats of Essence "Lime Up", The pink was an L.A. Colors polish but it doesn't have a name If I ever figure out the name of it I will make sure to update this post   :(.... but until then...
I did the tips free hand instead of using guides. I just wanted to see how how I could do without them.... I think I need to keep using lol. I used two coats of the green, one coat of SV, two coats of the pink and another coat of SV.

Also since I love my new and very first Nubar I had to give it a try on this mani. I used 1 coat of Nubar 2010

The effect the Nubar 2010 had on the lighter colors is much different then when it is used on darker colors.

Next up is a franken I made. It doesn't have a name yet so if you have any ideas please let me know.

 i pretty much just poured in a little of every glitter polish I had and some loose glitter for more sparkle :) You can never have too much glitter, there is no such thing!!!

 This is 2 coat of my un-named franken
 It reminds me of a few other polishes I've been seeing on another blog:

This is Deborah Lippman "Happy Birthday" from Lacquered Lover's Blog, The glitter in my polish is smaller but they do look a bit alike.

Also from the same blog is Milani Gems:

Well that's it for today. Please leave any comments you may have below :) Thanks for reading and please check out Lacqueres Lover's blog !!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Night of Fails.... and a Franken

So the other night I was trying to do a mani..... I had an image in my head and it just didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I started off with two coats of Sinful Colors "Mercury Rising"

As always please ignore my mess lol. I normally clean up after everything is dry and I take my pictures right away so I don't forget to take them... I'm weird I guess but anyways :) back to the nail stuff. "Mercury Rising" is a very pretty deep brownish red with a shimmer to it. I really like the color which is funny because I bought it on accident. I was buying polish for a swap and I grabbed the wrong color but decided to keep it anyways :) I'm sure I will be using it again in the near future.

I wanted to do a tape mani, but the universe was againist it I guess because it turned out horrible lol
 This is 2 coats of "Energy Source" by L.A. Colors. I guess the tape wasn't all the way on the nail :( and it got underneath. I figured it was already a fail the I would try using one of my Nail Art Deco's "Silver Glitter" (Real original name btw lol)

Well since that didn't work out at all I decided to try making a franken :) I really like it, I just don't know what to call it. If you have any suggestions please lease them in a comment! I started with a bottle os clear polish by NYC, I then added some pigment that was brown with a green undertone :) I really like how it turned out.
This is 2 coats
So I still need a name for it. Let me know what you think and any name suggestions you may have: Thanks for reading.

It's so pretty :),