Friday, November 30, 2012

Neons In Winter

Before I get into the post I want to do some house cleaning :)
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Ok I think that's it... Now on to the mani of the day.
I know that it's winter, and neons are not really wintery, but I think you can wear any polish at any time. Neons are always fun :)
 I started out with 2 coats of China Glaze "I'm With The Lifeguard" I LOVE this green. It is one of my favorite greens, and one of my favorite polishes. The formula is awesome, the color is beautiful, and it's China Glaze. I don't know why but I think CG is my favorite brand, I have more then any other brand in my collection.
 Using tape I taped off half my nail diagonally, and applied 2 coats of China Glaze "Pool Party" This is another awesome polish. I love the color and the formula was great with this one too.
 I forgot to press on the tape before applying "Pool Party" which is why the lines are totally crisp, but I still love this combination.
 This will brighten up any depressing winter day :)
 I can never leave good enough alone, so I added a coat of  Color Club "Diamond Drops"
This polish was ok, the formula is like any other polish similar with larger "glitter" pieces. There was a little fishing involved, and I couldn't get it smooth enough for my liking. I hate it when little pieces stick up, because I tend to pick at it.
 All in all I think this was an awesome mani. I think I may have to do some more neons soon.
Well that's it for today. What do you think about wearing colors "out of season"? Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Lush Lacquer - Pink Panther

I recently was the lucky winner of an awesome giveaway held by Polish Fixation and Nails Adored. The prize was 6 Indie polishes!!! Now I own 7 Indies lol. There were 8 total prize packs and I was lucky enough to win, and even luckier that I got the prize I really wanted!
The one I am going to show you today is the one I fell in love with in the picture, Lush Lacquer "Pink Panther" It is a beautiful polish that consists of various sizes and shaped black, white, and pink glitter. It reminds me a lot of Ninja Polish "Sticks n' Stones" (which was the only Indie I owned until now) but it includes pink.
For the base polish I used 2 coats of L'Oreal "The Mystic's Future"
 This is a really nice purple, and the formula was wonderful. It almost seems to glow from with in.
 I own quite a few purple polishes, but I'm not sure if I have anything similar to this. I will have to take a look and see, but I don't think I do.
 Next I applied 1 coat of Lush Lacquer "Pink Panther", yes you read that right only 1 coat. I fell so in love with this polish once it hit my nail. There was not any fishing needed. I didn't have to dab it on and it wasn't a topcoat eater. It went on nice and smooth and evenly. I couldn't have asked for anything better.
I find it funny that the large white hex glitter ended up at almost the same spot on two different nails, I swear it just happened that way.
 I just love this combo and I think it helps to show off all 3 colors in "Pink Panther"
 And since I can never leave well enough alone I added 2 coats of Pure Ice "Oh Baby!" which is a sheer base with blue shimmer. I think it added just a little something without over doing it or covering up "PP" (hehe pp... I'm such a kid sometime)
 Look at all that awesomeness!!!
 You can really see the blue shimmer here.
I really love this polish and I think I may be picking up a few polishes for Lush Lacquer when I have some extra cash. If all of the polishes are as awesome as this one I will be one happy girl.
You can find this awesome polish here: Pink Panther I think everyone should own a bottle!
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dupe Alert(s)!!!

I have 3 comparisons for you today. One I just found by accident, and the other 2 I suspected, but still got them... just in case lol.
The first one I found just a few hours ago when I sat down to do my nails. I wanted to do something fall-ish so I picked out an orange... little did I know it was a dupe for one of my favorite polishes (win for me!)
 Salon Perfect 'Goldfish" and China Glaze "Riveting"
 "Riveting" is one of my favorite polishes, and I use it a lot (as you can see by the fill line hehe)
 In my opinion these are total dead on dupes. "Goldfish" was bought at Walmart not too long ago. I'm not sure if it is still available or not, but I'm glad I got it. Even though I have a backup of "Riveting" (or 2) I'm still glad to have this one?
 I think the only difference between these two is the drying time. "Goldfish" dried so fast I was shocked. I'm not sure if this is the case with the Salon Perfect brand or if it was just his polish.
 I just love this color!!!
Next up:
 China Glaze "Def Defying" and Finger Paints "Sexy Sundress"
 "Def Defying" is part of the new Cirque du Soleil collection that is coming out in December, or in some place it's out now, and "Sexy Sundress" was from the past summer collection. I have seen this at a couple Sally Beauty's in the clearance section.
 When I first saw pictures of "Def Defying" the first thing that came to my mind was "Wow, that looks a lot like "Sexy Sundress"!!" I was pretty close in my assumption. DD is just a hair darker the SS.
 I think these are close enough to only need one, unless your obsessive like me. What do you think?
And lastly:
 O.P.I. "Goldeneye" and Sally Hansen "Gilded Lily"
 For this polish I did one coat of each over black and then 2 coats on my naked nail.
I think that these are very close to being dupes. As you can see though "Gilded Lily" is more dense and opaque. I prefer it over "Goldeneye" and I decided that I don't need both so I'm probably going to add it to my blog sale.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

400 Follower Giveaway!!!

For this giveaway I wanted to include a couple of my favorite things :) I can't believe that I am now over 400 followers. This giveaway is open internationally so everyone is free to enter. You can enter until 12/15/12. This way the winner should receive the items really close to x-mas (depending on where you live)

Let's get right to the prizes!

 Now for a loser look
 Everyone needs lotion. It keeps your hands, and cuticle, nice and soft. Vanilla is a pretty universal scent so I figured it would have the best chance of being like by whoever wins.

 OMG! I love this stuff! It works great and it smells yummy. I can't quite figure out the smell but I think it's good :)

 Just another of my favorite. It's a great lip gloss and it isn't sticky like a lot of them out there. Plus it is a peppermint scent and flavor. and it works well with the holidays!

 Can't have a giveaway on a polish blog without some polish. Both of these are from the current Essie Leading Lady collection "Beyond Cozy" and "Leading Lady" I actually just used "Beyond Cozy for my last mani that I just posted.

Dotting Nail Fail...

When I did the 30 day challenge a few months ago I fell in love with dotting. I decided to try dotting with 3 colors. It looked so much better in my head then it turned out. I figured since this is my blog and I love posting successes, but I think it is good to also posts failures. It shows everyone that no one is perfect and sometimes it just doesn't turn out lol.
So for your viewing (or laughing) pleasure:
 I started out with 2 coats of Piggy Polish "Never Hide"
It's a pretty teal with a golden shimmer.
I then used Essie "Butler Please" and Essie "Beyond Cozy" to do the dotting on the nails.
 After the dotting I decided to do a french tip using the same polishes.
Please excuse the random "strands" I have no clue where they came from... but anyways, I just don't like how this turned out lol. It was a learning experience. I think the problem was that the colors I used didn't contrast enough. They kinda just blended together, and then the glitter just looks out of place. Oh well. Live and Learn!
I am happy to announce that I have just reached 400+ followers today, which means it's time for my next giveaway. My current one is still running so if you haven't entered yet please make sure to do so here:
I will be putting up the new giveaway either tonight or tomorrow. I'm really excited. I'm trying to decide if I should have 2 winners or just 1??? What do you think?
Thanks for reading and make sure to watch for the 400 follower giveaway!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Refreshing My Mani!

So this is a picture of the mani I wore yesterday:
Just a reminder :)
Butter London "Scuppered" and China Glaze "Angel Wings" as the accent nail

I went a step further and using some striping tape I created this:

 I really look how it all turned out. A few nails got smudged from applying top coat a bit early, but I was too tired to redo it, but that's how you learn :) I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Salon Manicure "Lavender Cloud" and over "Angel Wings" I used Pure Ice "Black Rage"

 I really like how this turned out and I've gotten a few compliments on it, and about 3 of them were from guys lol. I guess it is something I will have to do again in the future. I think if a mani catches a man's eye then it must be good... and it caught at least 3 guy's eyes lol.

 Well that is it for today. Thanks for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway. I've had such a great response to this giveaway that I decided once I reach 400 followers (only 22 away as of this post) I will be holding another giveaway even if my current one is not over yet, so keep an eye out for that!

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