Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tri-Color Gradient

I hope your not tired of gradients yet, because I have another one for you, my dear readers, today!

I started with 2 coats of a silver Essence polish, but forgot to take pictures :/

I used the technique of painting the polish on the sponge and then applying to the nail. I had a few requests to do a tutorial so I will be trying to do that this weekend.

Ok so the colors that I used for this mani are....

 Spoiled "Tip Your Waitress" - One of my current favorite pinks
 FingerPaints "Silkscreen Green"

 and Hard Candy "Frenzy"

 I really liked the way this came out. In person it looks kinda metallic due to the base being silver.

 I felt like it needed a little something and I knew to not use a chunky glitter, since I didn't like my last mani, so I went a little more subtle.

 I decide to use OTD Northern Lights :)

 I LOVE IT!!! I think it gives this mani a little sparkle without over powering it.

 *drool* :D

Well, that's it for today. Thank you for reading. If you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway that is ending in a few days!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pink and Purple Gradient

I'm really loving gradients. There are so many color combinations it's almost endless. I tried a different technique this time then I usually do. What I've done before is dipping small pieces of a makeup sponge into the polish, but this time I painted the polish right on to the sponge and I really like the result a lot better then how I use to do it, so I think this will be the way I go from now on :)

 I know that most people do a base coat using one of the colors in the gradient, but I like to be different so I use a different color lol
For my base coat I used 2 coats of essie "pink-a-boo" It's a very pretty polish, but the formula is kinda a pain to work with, well for me anyways.

 It's hard to tell but there is a really pretty blue and pink shimmer in it.

 For the actual gradient I used Orly "Oh Cabana Boy" and....

Cos Bar un-named purple. This is a new line they are carrying at Target. There is a total of 4 polishes, but none of them have a name :( Such a shame.

 I really like how this came out but I felt like it was missing something.

 So I added O.P.I. "Pirouette My Whistle" on my ring fingers....

 But I don't think it was a good choice :( I'm not totally happy with it, oh well they can't all be winners lol

It's still very pretty to look at, I just wish I would have chosen a different glitter or had just left it be.

Well I'm sure there will be a lot more gradients in my future so this is a lesson learned :)

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Updated Storage of my Stash!

I was posting on a few of my facebook groups that my current bottle count is 1,013, so I had a few iquiries as to how I store my stash. So here is an update, If you want to see how it use to be in February you can find my post here. All right here we go...

For all of my storage I use the Melmer cubes from Michael's. I have a total of 6 3-Drawers cubes and 2 4-drawer cubes, for a total of 8 cubes. I just recently added the stuff on  the front of the drawers. IT was drawer lining that I got at the dollar store. It worked out really great. I still have a couple drawers to do. 

Here is the main tower:
 There is a basket on top of the tower with a few random polishes
 Drawer 1: China Glaze

 Drawer 2: China Glaze

 Drawer 3: Spoiled and Wet N Wild

 Drawer 4: Orly and FingerPaints

 Drawer 5: O.P.I. and Nicole by O.P.I.

 Drawer 6: Sinful Colors

 Drawer 7: KleanColor and Julep

 Drawer 8: Sally Hansen and Pure Ice

Drawer 9: L.A. Colors, Savvy, and Avon

Here is the second tower:

 Drawer 1: CVS Glitters, Random set, NYC, Rimmel, Hard Candy, L'oreal, and Jordana

 Drawer 2: Ulta, essie, Milani, and Confetti

 Drawer 3: Revlon, Nina's Ultra Pro, W7 and Nabi Magnetics. in the little basket is Hard Candy and O.P.I. minis
 Drawer 4: Love & Beauty, Claire's/Icing, Crackle polishes

Drawer 5 is currently empty.

 Drawer 6: Holds all my spare/backup bottles and polishes I have for swap/sale.

Drawer 7: Holds all my glitters
Drawer 8: Holds random lotions and other items

Drawer 9: Holds my empty bottles, polish pens, and other random items
Drawer 10: Holds my spare cotton balls and cotton rounds and small bowls for water marbling

My Polish Station:
 I use this cart to do my nails. The top has a layer of clear drawer liner so I don't have to worry about acetone ruining the cubes. Both of my towers and this cart all have a wheel base on them so I can easily move them when ever and where ever I want.

 The top of my cart holds my bottles of acetone and pure acetone. The holder with the peacock feather holds my nail art brushes. Next to that you can barely see my Q-tip holder  and then the jar next to that holds my files, old crap brushes, scissors, a pen and marker. The green bin holds other small things like tweezers, nippers, random nail wheels, some rhinestones, and who knows what else lol. I just painted my nails before taking these pics so you can see everything that I used (minus the black polish.
 Drawer 1: Nails treatments & top coats, Color Club, random Dollar store polishes, Frankens, Sally Girl, Orly minis, and a couple Pure Ice & Wet N Wild polishes. I also store my nail wheels in the back of the drawer and I have my striping tape in here

 Drawer 2: Butter London, Material Girl, Jessie Girl, Essence, Color Mate, Zoya, Maybelline, the rest of the drawers hold a bunch of other polishes that I only have a few of.

 Drawer 3: Holds my nail art pens and polishes and most of my glitter and flakie polishes

Drawer 4: Holds my nail wheels
Drawer 5: Holds my cotton balls, cotton rounds, Q-tips, lotion, cuticle remover and other random items
Drawer 6: Back up Q-tips, scrapbook scissors, nails buffers and files
Drawer 7: Polish thinner, makeup sponges, Stamping plates (red photo album) and stamper, and a few random treatments.

Well there you have it. This is how I store my collection. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Thank you for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway that ends this weekend.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yar! There be Another Gradient!!

First thing I want to say is I just added a new feature... If  you look over here -----> you will see that you can now see my current bottle count. Now you can see just how many polishes I have!!!

On to other thing....

I have another gradient for you today. I recently found the Color Club "Take Wing" set at Burlington Coat Factory for $7.99!!!
 Before getting this set I only had 2 lonely Color Club's, so now they have some friends :)

I really wanted to try some of these polishes out and I wanted to do another gradient... so here is what I did!!

 I started with 1 coat of Confetti "Lonesome Dove" It's a very nice gray with a nice formula and great coverage. I only used 1 coat since it was a base coat and I don't think I really needed it to be opaque.

 These are the 3 colors I decided to use from the set. The bottles don't have names so I had to look them up online. From L to R: Dasiy Does, Sparkle and Soar, and Wing Fling.

 I used a makeup sponge to apply the polishes one at a time and overlapping. I went back and forth between colors until I was happy with them. I did realize that these were a pain to clean up lol it just didn't want to come off.
 I wanted to add a little something to my nails so I did a little stamping. I really need to get more plates. I don't care for some of the ones I have. But I do like skulls so I was happy :) I just did the one skull on my ring finger on each hand....

 And on my thumbs I did one big skull and one small skull.

I like the result... minus the mess lol.

Are you sick of seeing gradients? I have a few more that I've done and I have a few more ideas!!

Thank you for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway!!