Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brazen Cosmetics!!!

I recently bought some Brazen eye shadows. I love them all. The formula is great and the colors are beautiful. I have a few colors to show you today:)

All colors are swatched dry (left) and over primer (right)
  I love "Karma" Its such a bright vibrant purple. It stands out and is just all around awesome. "Yours Always" makes a great hi-light color.
All of these are a lot sparkly in person. Photos don't do any of these justice.

Next is Brazen's St. Patty's Day Trio collection. It comes in two sizes, Mini and Full-Size (5g).
The mini will be $11.99 & the 5g will be $16.99. the 5g comes with a green glitter gloss too, called Kiss Me, I'm Irish. And both sized sets come wrapped in a green organza bag w/a little St. Pat's button.

Since I'm a Brazen Beauty I was able to get it before it was on the site :) I got the mini trio. I love greens so this was a must have :)
" Charmed" is a light green with gold and orangeish sparks and a yellow/goldish duo chrome. Love it!!
 "Get Lucky"is a medium green also with golden and orangey sparks. Very Irish!
"Fortuitous" is the darkest green of the 3, almost black, but still green with a golden duo chrome and the same gold/orange sparks. It's different then any other color in my collection

I did use them all today and this is the final result :)

And this is my puppies watching their mama playing with her makeup lol

If you like any of these colors you should check out the Brazen store and get some for yourself!!!

If you have any questions of comments please leave them below. Do you plan on getting any of these colors?

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  1. Thank you! It's one of my favs, I wear it a lot :)

  2. Gosh, you're a cutie patootie! Love the green-sparkled nails.

  3. Great shadows, I love the sparkle! And your eye look is awesome!


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