Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Kiss My Sass Cosmetics Review

So first off I know I've been busy for awhile and I haven't been around. I've been going through a lot of changes in my life and have been working on getting things in order and get into a new swing. Today I have a review post for you. I purchased the items at a discount rate for the purpose of  review. The company is Kiss My Sass Cosmetics. I bought a review pack that included 10 samples of my choice. I also bought a few other samples.

First I am going to show you the eye shadows I got. All shadows are swatched over the "Ivory" Matte Eye Primer from Kiss my Sass. I also got a sample of the "White" primer. I like these because they are smooth and creamy.

All pictures of swatches are Left over primer and Right no primer.

First up is Minx
Minx is described as:  light tan/beige with shimmer that shifts between pink & green

Naughty Dog is described as: vivid blue with pink/magenta sparkles. This is one of my favorites of the bunch.

Poison Ivy is described as: grass green with a gold and copper sheen

 The shimmer in this shadow is very noticeable.

Purple Poppymagenta/purple with matching shimmer

 Shady is a: light to medium brown/taupe with turquoise/blue/purple color shifting shimmer/sheen

 Sleepy Hollow is described as: charcoal gray with a copper sheen

 Tattoo Shop is: a black base with an extreme amount of blue & purple sparkles (best applied over a sticky base in a "patting" motion; if you blend too much you will be left with just the black base)

Tea Rose is a: peachy pink with golden shimmer

Vegas is a: bright sparkling gold

 This one is my favorite of the bunch and I just love it so much!
Broken Hearted is described as a: intense pinky-red with gold shimmer

 So beautiful!

 This was a free gift with purchase that was included in my order. Oceanside Sunset is not for sale on the site, but I thought it was pretty enough to include in this post. I'm not totally sure how to describe it  but it is a very nice color.

 This was included in my order as a gift too. I don't use blush at all, but I wanted to swatch it since I know there are a lot of girls that use it so I wanted you to see what it looks like :)
Cotton Candy is a: a vibrant pink with minimal shimmer

 Last up is a lip glaze called Trophy Wife is described as a: clear to sheer white with gold sparkles It also has a marshmallow flavor which is awesome.

So all in all I like everything I got. The shadows are beautiful and applied great, but they are better when used over a primer to make them look their best. If your looking for some great products you should really check out Kiss My Sass Cosmetics!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope to be getting posts up more often. I also am putting together a giveaway that I hope to have up soon. Have a great day!!

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