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You Better Catch Up!!! Days 16, 17, and 18

Warning: This is a long post with lots of pictures!!!

I'm a bad, bad, bad, blogger :( I've been slacking on the posting for the 90 Day Challenge. I've had a lot going on, but you didn't come here to hear me whine lol, so I'm just going to get on to the pretties you really came to see :)
Day 16 of the 90 Day Challenge
So first up is a polish I got in my recent swap, Models Own "Tropical Sun" one of the newly released polishes. It's a little on the sheer side so I used 3 coats. Next time I think I'll use some underwear :)
 I love the color. It's an orange with a golden shimmer to it. I planning on playing with some layering soon. I love to play with polish!

 I didn't notice the little bubbles on a few of the nails until I looked at these pictures lol, it wasn't really that noticeable on the nail though.
I'm very happy with this polish and I'd love to get the other two that were recently released at the same time as "Tropical Sun"

Day 17 of the 90 Day Challenge

Yesterday I went to the Dollar Store to find a small glass dish for water marbling... I went in for 1 thing and came out after spending $13.00 lol... Here are the nail related items:

 These polishes are so pretty and 2 for a $1 so they are 50 cents each!!! Awesome dea1! These two are "Midnight Sky" and "Teal-y Cool"
 These two are "Lavender Envy" and "Twinkle, Twinkle"
 These I saw and had to get them. I figured that if they don't work for franking then I can still use them for nail art. I have a few being tested right now to see how they hold up in polish.

The top ones are bar glitter and various shapes, the bottom row are glitter, bullion beads, and iridescent glitter. There was a 6th one but it was the crushed shells and I had no interest in them so I didn't get them. I'm thinking about go to pick up a few more for my next giveaway. Let me know if you want more pictures of these.

After that stop I went to Sally Beauty Supply for their buy 2 get 1 sale on the polishes. This is what I brought home:
L to R: Pink Voltage (neon), Celtic Sun (neon), and Into the Limelight (neon)
 Since summer is around the corner and the weather is kinda warming up, I decided that I needed some nice neons in my collection. 

 L to R: Burnt Orange, Molten Gold, Molten Copper, Purple Pizzazz
I just liked these ones :)

I also received nail mail from an ebay auction that I won.
 L to R: Icing Radio Super Star, Party Hardy, Glamourous, Lemon Cello On The Rocks
I got them for a great price, cheaper then if I had bought them in the store, even with shipping so Yay! Win for me!
I did try out "Radio Super Star" the blue and purple glitter were pretty, the starts on the other hand were a PITA, but if you can get them on your nails they do lay flat.


Day 18 of the 90 Day Challenge
My first go at water marbling!!

So really it isn't my first go at it, but it was my first attempt that actually made it on my nails lol. I was having so may issues, but after I tried a glass dish it worked out a lot better. I was trying to get something similar to this:
This was done by Colette from My Simple Little Pleasures. How awesome looking is that? I love it. I tried to use similar colors since I didn't have the exact same ones. I used:
China Glaze - "Riveting", "Harvest Moon" "Smoke and Ashes" and Spoiled - "Pick Your Poison"

Mine didn't come out even close but I'm still proud of it :)
 Left Hand, the 2 darker nails are the first ones I dipped, so not that great, and you can't see the "bubbles" in person either
I love how my thumbs turned u, I just wish it hadn't gotten smudged :(
I got a bit better on the second hand. I dipped all 4 fingers in at the same times since it was getting late and I was getting tired. I should have used more black and red.
I do like how this thumb came out too. None of my nails really looked like flames so it was kinda a fail, but you can't get better at something if you don't practice. So I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend :)

Well that's it for now. I'm not current on the 90 Day Challenge. Don't forget to check out the other ladies participating in the challenge as well:

Only 26 followers needed until my next giveaway!!!

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  1. kudos on that water marble, it looks great. i suck at those, i hope i never have to do another one.


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