Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dark Heart Designs Swatches

Hello my dear readers. I recently was chosen to swatch products for Tina of Dark Heart Designs So far I love everything. I figured since I was taking the pictures of swatches I might as well do a blog post too. So on to the pretties :)

First up are the eyeshadows:
 All of the shadow samples are in bags stamped with the name. Absinthe is described as "A bright cool-toned green shadow with a champagne sheen. Inspired by the liquor Absinthe, and the green fairy myth." Since I love greens, I knew I would like this one and I did.

 Dark Magic Eyelixer is a product from Dark Heart. I find that I get an effect similar to using a foiling medium. I like that the Eyelixer is clear and isn't sticky like some primers or glitter glues.

 Anna - "A dark champagne shadow with blue and copper sparkle." This one is a duochrome!!

 Beautiful Nightmare - "A frosty cool-toned pink shadow. Inspired by Beyonce's Sweet Dreams."

 Bone Daddy - "One of the colors from the Halloween on Christmas duochrome/sparkle collection, Bone Daddy is a pale cream/bone color with orange undertones and sparkle. Inspired by Jack, and created with his nicknames in mind: Bone Daddy, and Pumpkin King"

 This one was hard to capture, but It is so beautiful. I think this was my favorite out of this set.

 Carnival Queen - "A vibrant lemon yellow shadow with yellow sparkle. Inspired by my life in the carnival industry and the bright colors and beauty of the shows."

 I'm not one for yellows, but I like this one with all the sparkles :)

 Barrel - "Barrel Lip Slicks Gloss is a slightly sticky, semi-sheer, dark purple moisturizing gloss with subtle blue and green undertones. The name was inspired by Barrel's sometimes black, sometimes purple costume and green shaded skin tone."

This one is pretty, but it's not really for me. I prefer lighter colors personally, but I know there are a lot of girls who like the odd colors and I think this should be one to own. I like that it wasn't thick and it wasn't sticky either.

 Love Bites - "Love Bites is a medium rosy pink inspired by the popular tv show, Once Upon A Time."

I LOVE this lipstitck. This is totally up my alley. Normally my lips dry out with lipsticks, but I did not have that problem with this one. I had a lipgloss I was going to put over it when needed but I didn't need it. I plan on getting a full size of this one soon. I Love it!!

I used it here:

Last but not least is:
 Last up is the gel liner Bloody Mary which is a brick red color and I think I can see a little gold mixed in, but that might have just been my eyes playing tricks on me. I've never used a gel liner or any liner that wasn't in pencil form, but I'm looking forward to trying this one.

Well there you have it. Please check back soon for some more swatches from Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics If you haven't tried Tina's products yet I highly suggest you check her store out :)

Have a great day and thanks for reading :)

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  1. You did such a good job with the swatches! I only did dry and with the Eyelixer. Great job adding in the primer!


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