Thursday, October 18, 2012

Durability Of A Glue Base

Last month I found out about the awesome glue base. If you don't know what this is your totally missing out. I've posted about it before. It works really great and peels off so easy. I decided I wanted to see how long it would last. I started out with using 2 of the new China Glaze polishes from the Wicked Collection.
 I started out with 2 coats of China Glaze "Cast A Spell" It's a beautiful golden black, that is much prettier then pictures can show.
 I think this is different then the other black I have. I think it might be a little similar to Butter London "Wallis" but I'm not totally sure.
 Look at that pretty golden shimmer.
 Another polish from the Wicked Collection "Make A Spectacle" I didn't do a full comparison, but a side by side bottle view shows that this is similar to "Snow Globe" from the winter collection last year, except "Make A Spectacle is more iridescent.
 I applied 1 coat of "Make A Spectacle" but you can't see how beautiful it is in pictures.
So I decided to wear this mani until it started looking crappy. I applied this on a Thursday and it lasted until Sunday night. It held up against a couple showers, but it's downfall was doing dishes lol. Here is what my nails looked like after doing the dishes on the last day:
 Left hand - It looks great with just a bit of tip wear.
Right hand - The one nail cam off while doing dishes, I didn't even realize it at first lol.
I think having a glue base held up really well. One thing I did notice is that when removing the polish it didn't come off in the big easy pieces that it normally did. All in all I think it worked out really great and I highly recommend using glue as a nail polish base.
Well that's it for tonight. Thank you so much for reading. Have a great night!

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