Monday, October 15, 2012

Handmade Polish Stands!

So I've been wanting to get a stand to hold some of my most used nail polish and some of my glitter polishes. Here is a sneak peek:
 I first tired to make the famous polish rack using foam board and hot glue. You can find it everywhere on youtube, but for posting sake here is the one that I used :) But there are a lot more of them out there.

Ok so I made this rack and it cost me a total of $4. I got everything at the dollar store. 3 pieces of foam board and a pack of hot glue sticks. I already had a hot glue gun and the blade.
I made it and then I realized... "Where am I suppose to put this???" lol so I wasted all that time making the damn thing and I hadn't spent the few minutes beforehand to plan on where to put it. I was just so excited to make the dang thing.
So after a day of staring as this huge rack I had nowhere to put I decided to try again. I bought a couple more foam boards and another pack of glue sticks. I sat down on my floor and pictured my idea rack and where I would put it (the important thing I skipped the first time lol).
I did a little searching on youtube and couldn't find what I was looking for, I'm sure it's out there but I just couldn't find it. So I decided that I wanted the rack to fit on top of my Melmers. I started by measuring the Melmer and took a little off each side so I knew it wouldn't hang over. I settled on a base of 14' by 10'
This is what I ended up with. Remember, I was cutting and gluing as I went.
 Look at my poor puppy in the background!
I used all white foam board to make the whole thing. Afterwards I used neon green poster board for the sides and black poster board for the "steps." Each step is 2' wide and 2' tall. I really love how it all turned out.
 It's exactly what I wanted and I think it turned out really well for not having a plan and just starting from scratch :)
 I'm so proud of my creation. Like I said before I'm sure there is a tutorial out there somewhere but I didn't find it, of course I gave up looking after about 10 minutes lol.
 It fits perfect on top of my Melmer and it holds about 50-60 bottle of polish, it could hold more or less all depending on the size of the bottles.
I'm so happy with it that I've already made a 2nd one. I've considered making a tutorial...but I'm not sure if anyone is interested, so if you are please let me know in the comments :)
Also.... If you would be so kind I entered in the Bundle Monster contest. It's my first time in a contest and if you would be so kind I'd love it if you would take a few seconds and vote for me :)
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Thank you everyone for reading (and voting *wink*)


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