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Disturbing Behavior Polish? - Get Some!

Edit: I have been told by Annette, the owner of Disturbed Polish, that she now uses a new base, so any mention of the smell in my posts regarding these polishes is no longer and issue. I hope that everyone gives this brand a chance because I think they are awesome, and everyone should own at least a few.

Sometimes when I'm bored I tend to search Etsy, Storenvy, or other sites where you can find handmade or Indie products/companies. On one of my searches I came across the store Disturbing Behavior on Storenvy. I've bought from several indie cosmetics companies, but I don't normally buy indie polishes. No real reason, but as I looked through this store I decided to take a chance, and I'm really glad I did. The polishes were so unique looking and different from the other polishes in my collection, plus I felt the price was very reasonable.

I ended up buying 4 polishes, Here they are:
I love the names of these polishes! It was hard to just buy a few because I want almost all of them. But I restrained myself since this was a new to me brand, and I had never even heard of it, nor could I find swatches other then on the site. The bottles are 13ml, and 3 free.

  Disturbed Polish "Garbage Disposal" "Prude" "Bitchy Teenager" and "Redneck X-Mas" All of the polishes I got are toppers, meaning they are meant to be used over other polishes. I like to layer so these are perfect. Since I haven't really bought any indie polishes before I wasn't use to the smell. But honestly that was the only downside and I got over it lol.

"Garbage Disposal" is described as "a clear jelly base with TONS of tiny matte hex glitter in more colors than a rainbow." This is so true. I think there is just about every basic color plus a few, which to means this can be layered over just about any polish you could think of.  This was the first polish I picked out.

Next is "Prude" which is "a clear jelly polish with teal, hot pink, white, black, and silver glitters." There are so many different shapes in this polish that I think I find a new one every time I look at it. There's various size hexes, square, circle, and even some triangles and a few shreds.

This one I love because of the name "Bitchy Teenager" lol we all know one :)

"Bitchy Teenager" is "a clear base with a perfect mixture of hot pink & white hex along with black & white shredded glitters" I know the picture shows the pink as a bit more reddish then it really is. It's really a hot pink.

Last up is "Redneck X-Mas" I'd been looking for a x-masy glitter polish for a while so it would be my luck to find it after the holidays, but that's ok because now I have it from then next time I need it. I just realized that this polish is no longer on the site, but It still deserves to be shared. The main colors of the glitters are white, red, green, gold, and some holographic pieces. The majority of the shapes are Hex, various sizes, square, and smaller glitter.

Since I want to give each polish its own review, I'm just could to show a few quick swatches taken on nail wheels. Since these polishes were new to me I did 2 thin coats of each polish, but they can be more or less opaque as you see fit for your nails.

Please excuse the less then perfect macro pics, I'm still doing trial and error to get it right.
"Garbage Disposal"


 "Bitchy Teenager"

"Redneck X-Mas" 

I had a lovely conversation with the owner of the store. She is so nice. When I told her I planned to do a review for my blog she sent me a mini bottle of a brand new polish, I didn't include with this post so I will but  it in my next post reviewing "Garbage Disposal" along with another little item I purchased.

I really look forward to placing another order as some as I have the money, If you decide to check this company Disturbing Behavior and end up making a purchase, could you just do me a little favor and let them know you found them through my blog. I am looking forward to working with them in the future and This way the can see if any of their traffic is coming from me,

My next post with have a review of  "Garbage Disposal" plus a few other items, so please keep an eye out. 
Well I think that's it for today and I want to tank all of my wonderful readers, and please make sure to share this info with your polish loving friends. Good night all!


  1. Oh these are gorgeous! I clicked through the site and I LOVE the polish names, hahahaha.

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