Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jaded Leather Zebras???

 I know it's a weird title, but I was trying to go with the names of the polishes lol. I'm really trying to post more and I thought that if a scheduled 1 or 2 posts at a time, it would work out easier for me. Yesterday I posted a regular post and a giveaway and today's is a scheduled post. I don't think it really matters that much if a post is made the day of or scheduled ahead of time. Oh so that's enough babble for this post, on to the jaded zebras lol.

 I really like the color green so it's no surprise that I am posting another green mani lol. This one was actually inspired by a bra I just bought, I didn't really need one, but it was on sale and it was green lol. Here is my inspiration:
Plus I have smaller boobs and it's a push up, so win-win lol

I started out with 2 coats of Spoiled "I'm So Jaded"

 For the stamping I used China Glaze "Liquid Leather"

 The stamping plate I used was from the Shany set that I just got last week. The actual image stamped perfect. 

 I'm still perfecting my stamping skills so any blur or smudges are totally my fault. I had no problems getting the image to transfer to the stamper, which was awesome because sometimes I have that issue with other plates.
 Since I didn't get the image to all the edges on my nails I decided to do a french tip to make it look better. I free-handed the tips so they aren't totally even.

In the end I love how this turned out and I can't wait to try more of the Shany plates, which can be bought here: Shany Cosmetics If all the images work like this I'm a happy girl. Side note: The main reason I got this set was for the koala image lol. I can't believe I didn't use that one first.

If you haven't don't so already please enter my giveaway:

Do you own the Shany plate set? What's your favorite image? Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day. 

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