Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Monday Lunch Time Haul

So where I work I get a 2 hour lunch Mon, Wed, and Fri. Most times I just work through it, but on Monday I decided to just do some bumming around. I went to Sally's, Ulta, Walgreens, and CVS. This is what I ended up coming home with lol..... Hey I had 2 hours to kill :)

First I went to Walgreens to get a few Sinful Colors since the are on sale for $0.99 this week. So I picked out these pretties:
"Dream On" - Bright neon Purple
"Snow Me White" - Just a basic white, nothing special
"You Just Wait" - Pink with a duochrome of green. I think It will look awesome layered
"Daredevil" - Hot bright pink, with a bit of a blue hue to it

One thing I noticed is there is another color, "Bikini" that looks likes a dupe for "Daredevil" I held the bottles up to each other and they looked the exact same... So not sure what it going on with that, but I got "Daredevil" since I liked the name better lol. I'm looking for a good white polish so I figured I'd give SC a try. I also picked up "Just You Wait" and when I got home I realized I had already bought it awhile ago... oh well.

 "Glass Pink" - A very sheer, sparkly pink
"Blue By You" - Bright blue with blue glass flecks
"Island Coral" - Light coral cream

I saw a swatch of "Island Coral" with "Just You Wait" layered over it... So pretty! To see it take a look at That's So Fresh's Blog

Also when I was at Walgreen's I saw they had the Nabi Magnetic nail polish display. This is the second Walgreen's I've seen them at. I snapped a photo of the display so you know what to look for:
The picture enlarges, so you can really see the colors. My phone takes really good photos lol... Anyway, I decided to pick up 2 more..
 When I first posted about these polishes I was disappointed that they didn't have names... Well I realized that if you carefully peel the sticker off the bottom of the bottle, they do in fact, have a name and a number. Granted the name are boring, but at lease I have something to refer to them as lol. So I pick up "Purple" and "Dark Gold" I bet someone had a tough time coming up with those clever names lol.
 I really liked the gold one because it looks like it has glitter in it... I can't wait to try it out.

Ok, So after Walgreen I went to CVS, I was still looking for a few more of the Spoiled polishes. I had a list of the ones I really wanted, I only have one more to go which is "Pet My Peacock" which I want mostly because of the name :) I did find 2 that I was looking for, 1 I just decided to try, and 1 I picked up and fell in love with:

 "The Parking Meteor Expired" - I fell head over heels for this polish. I want to get a back up bottle. One the nail it looks almost black, but when you look closer you can see a blue tint to it (like in the picture) and there are glass fleck in blue, green, purple, and pink. Pictures could never capture the awesomeness of this polish. Just do you and you collection and go buy this NOW!!!!  :)
"Correction Tape" - Just another white I decided to try in my search for a good white polish
"Deeper Dive" - Teal with gold flakes, and I've heard it is a dupe for Zoya "Charla" which I don't have but you can find a good comparison on glamonthecheap's blog
"My Saturn Broke Down"

That was all for CVS... On to Ulta....
 They had the new O.P.I. collection out so I grabbed the 2 I liked from seeing them on other blogs, and a random blue that caught my eye.
"Wooden Shoe Like To Know?" - light brown with a golden-copper shimmer
"Yoga-Ta Get This Blue" - A very pretty deep blue that I'm not sure how to describe
"Gouda Gouda Two Shoes" - Dirty rose pink with shimmer

Lastly I went to Sally's
 China Glaze "Some Like It Haute" FingerPaints set included "Curator's Crimson" and "Vintage Violet" and a small bag, China Glaze "Blonde Bombshell"

Both of the China Glaze's are from the Eye Candy collection. I couldn't remember which ones I had but since they were on sale I didn't care lol. I already had "Blonde Bombshell" so it will go in my swap pile:)

OMG! The FingerPaint's were a great deal. 2 polishes and a small bag for only $3. I was lucky :)

Well there you have it. That's what I did during my lunch. I do have a swatch for the purple Nabi polish, and I will try to get it up by the end of the week.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Have a great night!! Oh and here is a cute pic I found. Koala's are my favorite animal :)
Probably how my fiance is going to be when he sees this post lol


  1. Lots of fun polishes! Great haul! I love it when Sally's has stuff marked down, you can get some good deals! Cute koala pic!


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