Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nabi Magnetic Polishes.... by reader request :)

On Sunday I post my hail pics from the day and some of the polishes I got were magnetic polishes by the brand Nabi that I found at Walgreens. I got a couple requests to do some swatches from tubcat and thepeach, so here they are :)

These polishes do not have names, so I will just refer to them by their colors, Silver, Gold, and Green. These are the first Nabi polishes I've ever bought and my first magnetic polishes. The first con I noticed with these is that the magnet it part of the bottle cap. The magnets can not be removed from the cap so it is a little bit of a pain in the but. The second issue I had (before even buying them) was there was no lip on the magnet on which to rest upon my finger so I didn't touch it to my nail. Bu I decided to still give them a try since it's the newest trend.

These were $5.98 each I believe, which isn't too bad. I really liked the colors and couldn't wait to give them a try. There are a total of 3 different magnet design so I made sure to get one of each. The designs are straight lines, diagonal lines, and chevrons. I figured if they sucked as magnetic polishes at least I still liked the colors lol, just thinking positive :)

I love greens so I decided to try that one first. The bottle says to use one coat and then the magnet... but I ignored it and did one coat to cover the nail and then a second coat with the magnet. For the first coat the polish went on smooth with no issues. The coverage was good too. I applied the second coat one nail at a time and used the chevron magnet from the gold bottle. This is what I got....

 The outcome.... not great lol. I think it wasn't just me that failed but the polish too. It is a tricky thing to do. Why? Well here's why...

Reason #1: The magnet is flat... Nails are not, they have a roundish surface... (you know what I mean, right?) So to get the design on the full nail and not just the center of the nail you have to figure out how to rotate either your finger or the magnet, but no so much as to ruin the design.

Reason #2: I think I should have used a thicker 2nd coat since this polished seemed to dry pretty fast.. at least to me it seemed that way.

Reason 3#: I haven't tried other magnetic polishes or the other magnets so I don't know if the are stronger or something, maybe a stronger magnet would produce a stronger design...

I don't know yet...

I decided to give the other two a try.

The gold polish was so awesome. It looks just like a tigers eye stone. The application was really great and I love it. The silver is really pretty too. When you look at it in person you can see all the different color fleck that are in the polish. Application for the silver was.. crappy. The other two colors I only needed a total of 2 coats. With the silver I had to do 4 total. The polish was very sheer and seemed just a bit watery to me, but It's still pretty so I guess it was worth the work lol.

Getting a hang of the magnets are going to take some practice. I used all three magnets in the pics of the silver and gold swatches. My index and ring finger I used the diagonal, on the index finger was the chevron, and on my pinky I used the straight lines.

My final verdict:
I like the polishes but I wish the magnets were a bit different, but I would still buy them since the colors are beautiful and they seems to work good with some practice :) Practice makes perfect does it not. One other thing to note about them is they do have a little bit of a stink smell to them, but it goes away quick and doesn't linger after drying.

Do you plan on getting any polishes from this line? Do you already have some?

Please leave any questions or comments below and as always that you for reading. :)


  1. Yay! Thanks for the swatches and showing us how they work. Not bad for a first try. I definitely agree that practice makes perfect. The effect these produce are really cool, even if the chevron magnet didn't actually give you a chevron design :) And thats interesting that the silver took 4 coats!

  2. Which Walgreens did you find these at? The ones by me do not carry any magnetic polishes and I'd like to get my hands on some. Good review on the polishes and their magnets. I also nominated you for the Liebster Blog award over on my blog.

  3. I found them at a Walgreens in West Bend, but yesterday I saw a display in another Walgreens in West Allis. I think these are fairly new, so they should be popping up at more stores soon. Just keep an eye out for them and let me know If you get any :)

  4. After watching YouTube videos to find out what magnetic nail polish was in the first place, I thought it was awesome and rushed to go buy some. I also purchased the Nabi brand at Walgreens for $4.99. I originally was going to buy the Sally Hansen brand, but almost twice as much as Nabi brand. So, I purchased 6 colors and my teenage daughter and friend tried theirs first. Both upset it didn't work for them. They were trying to do a 2 tone thing we watched on YouTube, where you use a regular nail polish and then use a strip or half of your nail with the magnetic polish...didn't work as I said, so I thought maybe it didn't work because of the regular polish so I tried my unpainted nail with 2 coates and had a very small line in the center of my nail. Totally bummed!!! So I searched online to see if maybe I was doing something wrong and came across this post. Surprised to see the pics above it actually worked. Since I see that it is possible I am going to give it another shot, but am hoping I can return these to Walgreens and try the Sally Brand. Not happy with this polish, very disappointed!!! And I found it odd there were no names and wasn't sure if the sticker (with the line design) was suppose to be pulled or not. Didn't work with either way as directed. Just wanted to share my experience. Hoping the Sallys brand has better results, and thank you for sharing your results!


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