Monday, February 6, 2012

My Sunday Haul

I don't do sports so I decided that while everyone was getting ready for the game that I would do some hunting. I'm glad I did. I killed 3 lemmings :)

Here's what I all got....

I went to a small nail supply shop that I found a few months ago. They usually have a lot of OPI and China Glaze and some Color Club,  Here is what I got from there...
  (CG "Techno" was actually from Sally's I just put them all together for the picture)
 "Sex On The Beach" and "Sea Spray" just peaked my interest when I saw them so I picked them up. "Awakening" was one of my lemmings. "Techno" is from the new Electropop  collection. This was the only one that interested me in the whole collection. Seeing them in person didn't change that either. :( Pity, CG is one of my favorite brands... I was disappointed in the new collection.. oh well.

2 more of my lemmings that I killed was O.P.I."My Private Jet" and "I Lily Love You." Sadly "MPJ" is the re-released version without the holo, but I still like it and I wanted both the original and re-release! Now I just need to find the original. I also picked up my very first Color Club polishes.

So Pretty!!!

I also stopped at Walgreens just to check it out and they had a big display of these magnetic polishes. I've been wanting to try out the magnetic trend, but just never came across them, so I decided to pick up a couple. They had so many colors it was hard to decide which to get so I just went with pretty basic colors for me. They don't have any names, but I made sure to get one of each of the 3 magnet types. I'm wearing the green one right now.
Just by looking at the bottles the first con I can already is is the magnet itself. It's part of the can so you can't pull it off like some other brand, and it doesn't have the little lips on them like others have, but I was still willing to give them a try.

The Milani came from CVS and the others were from Wal-Mart. I've bee looking for the Red one-coat-glitter and I has happy to find it with the release of new glitters. The others just grabbed my attention so I got them :) No polish left behind lol

Pure Ice  and petites were also from Wal-mart. Not sire if the Pure Ice  colors are new, but I don't think I've seen them before. petites is a new one for me too.
These I snagged from Dollar Tree. Nothing special, but the glitters are sitting in polish for testing to see how they hold up.
I love the stars. For $1 you get 1 packet of pink holo glitter, 1 packet of silver holo glitter, 1 packet of black shiny stars, and 1 packet of white rhinestone. Not a bad deal. I bought 2 of them right away.

Well that's it. I'm pretty happy with my haul. What do you think. Do you have, or want any of these polishes? Are there any you would like to see swatches of? Please let me know and leave any other questions or comments below, and as always, Thank you for reading!


  1. Great haul!!! I firmly believe in shopping over watching the Superbowl. I would love to see swatches of that magnetic brand. I'm going to have to stalk my Walgreens for those!

  2. Wow! Lots of great stuff! CG Techno looks awesome! I hope you do some mani's with those magnetic polishes soon to show us how it works!

  3. Wow girl, when you haul you mean business!

  4. @tubcat - It takes a few tries to get use to the magnet. I was so afraid of hitting my nails lol. Plus holding a whole bottle was a pain, but I like the effect. I've already gotten a few compliments which is nice. I'll do swatches of the other two either tonight or tomorrow.

    @The Peach - I'm wearing the green magnetic one right now. I'll post pictures tonight :)

    @Lucy - I had a lot of fun hunting and it wasn't until I got home that I realized just how much I got lol.


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