Friday, December 7, 2012

Candy Canes

Today's theme is gingerbread and candy canes, I didn't have any stamping plates with gingerbread men so I decided to just do candy cane striped nails. I'm sure a lot of people did it so it's not that original, but I think my colors might make my nails stand out a little from the rest of the crowd.
 I started off with 2 coats of  Sally Hansen "Ivory Skull"
 I then applied about 5-6 pieces of striping tape on each nail and applied two thin coats of O.P.I. "The Spy Who Loved Me" on my pointer, middle, and pinkie nails. I really like this red because of the beautiful shimmer in the the polish.

 The color is a little off, but you can see the shimmer on the left side of the nail. It's more visible in real life. 
 I the used 2 thin coats of one of my favorite greens China Glaze "I'm With The Lifeguard" on my thumb, and ring finger. I switched the direction of the tape on my ring finger, just because. and my right hand is the opposite direction.
 I know that it's a little sloppy, but I have excuses lol. I ended up doing this mani last night and nothing wanted to go right. First, my left hand slipped at some point and somehow I broke my ring finger nail (but I guess it is ok because now it's the same length as the rest of my nails.) An odd thing about me is I HATE clipping my nails just because one breaks. So most of the time my nails are all different lengths, but I just can't do it. As of right now all of my nails are somewhat the same length as all the others.
 Anyways, I think that the neon green kinda makes my mani a little different then the usual candy cane look.
 I hurried to add top coat since it was getting really late and I needed to go to bed so I got a bit of streaking. Not very noticeable from a far lol.
 So these are my candy cane nails, which also happens to be one of the things I actually like about the holidays, and each year then come out with even more flavors :)
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  1. look great! I tried to freehand stripes... will have to wait and hope my striping tape arrives this week! :)


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