Monday, December 3, 2012

Snake Inspired

Today I have mani to how you that I did awhile go. It was inspired by a picture of a snake I found on pintrest. I like how it turned out, and I plan on trying it again soon because I think I can do better.

First off here is my inspiration:
Such a pretty color combo. Every time I look at this picture I also laugh a little to myself because he (or she) kinda looks like their smiling :) It's all in the eyes lol.
I forgot to take a picture of the base color, but It was just a fleshy color. Is fleshy even a word??? Oh, well it is now!
 The base color is Revlon "Bare Bones"
 Over that I did 2 (or 3) coats, I can't totally remember, of Nicole by O.PI. "Yellow It's Me" It is a sheer yellow, with and orange shimmer. I think it's really pretty and that says a lot because I really don't care for yellows. I pretty much only got it because I thought it was different than anything I already had.
 I think this polish worked great for this design. Almost perfectly :)
 Next I used China Glaze "Riveting" (which is one of my favorite polishes) and sponged it on over YIM.
 Lastly, I used a a awesome black nail art pen I got at some cheap accessory store at the mall.
 The cool thing about this thing is you can take the little plastic cap off and it's a very fine point and you have to squeeze the bottle, or you can take the whole top off and use it as a striper. For $2.00 each I think it was an awesome find. I bought most of the colors they had.
 I like how this turned out and I think next time I do it, it will be much better.
 I feel like I really captured the coloring of the snake, and it kinda makes me think of a tiger.
 Since it was the first time using the nail art pen it took a little getting use to.
All in all I'm happy with how it turned out.
Do you think this looks similar to the source picture? What do you think?
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