Thursday, January 5, 2012

2 Quick Mani's

The first one for today is just one color nothing fancy, but I really love the color...

This is 2 coats of Spoiled "I'm So Jaded"...

I love this color so much. I think it is one of my new favorites :) It's a really bright green. It has a gold/yellow shift to it that is so beautiful. I got it because it reminded me of Gir from Invader Zim, If you don't know what Invader Zim is, you are missing out and you need to go watch it now.

This is Gir:
Annnnnd this is my Gir :)...

He's my baby. He was a rescue and I've had him for about 3 years now.... anyways, back to the nail stuff.

The second mani for today was inspired by a movie I watched last night called "The Perfect Teacher" It's about a girl who becomes obsessed with her high school teacher and tries to seduce him, but when he isn't having that she claims he forced himself on her... not a real original movie, but it inspired my polish :)
 The movie was kinda dark so I used 2 coats of Orly "Androgynie" and since he was a teacher I used Wet N Wild Coloricon "Rockin' Rubies" to signify and apple... people use to give their teacher's apples... lol I'm so weird :)

Well that's it for tonight.

As always thank you so much for reading and please leave any questions or comments below :) Thank you.

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