Friday, January 6, 2012

KleanColor Metallics

I just realised I have 30 followers and I've now posted over 50 posts :) *does happy dance*

So on to the pretties....

I recently picked up a bunch of KleanColor polishes... like 30 of them lol. I really wanted to do something with the Pink and Green Metallics. So this is what I end up with. I started with 2 coats of the "Metallic Pink"...

 It's really pretty pink. I'm not much for pinks, but I really like this one and I can see me wearing it again, but probably not on it's own lol.

I used striping tape and then did one coat of "Metallic Green" on top. I love how this turned out It really made me think of a beetle which is awesome. I think I wore this for 3 days, which is a day or two more then I usually wear my manis :)

I will say this, when I removed this polish the pink stained like a mother plucker lol. I'm fingers were pink until after I took a shower. Even my mom noticed they were stained pink lol.

All in all I was happy with the outcome. They both went on great without any issues.

Have you used the pink before and had the staining issue?

As always thank you for reading and please leave any questions or comments below :) Have a great weekend!!! 


  1. I love that hot pink! Gorgeous.

    I had an OPI turquoise/teal shade stain my nails blue even though I used a base coat. It was so annoying!

  2. I LOVE KleanColor. I bought a bunch of their stuff the last time I was at the beauty supply store. I haven't tried their polishes though... will have to try.

  3. @tubcat - This is the first polish I have come across that stains. But it's so pretty that I can deal with it lol.

    @Lady B - I love them too! Plus I can get them for $1 each which makes them even better :) I think I have at least 50 of them. I love some of the glitters because they are great for layering.

  4. this is so so so pretty!

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