Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Ball's Chance in Hell!!

Hehe, that's just a fun phrase.

Well first I want to say I got the nice surprise of become Tick:Tock Cosmetics Fan of the Week!!! I got a store credit for it and since I was already planning to order I decided to just get the sampler set of all 32 colors :) I'm so excited I can't wait!!!

Ok, today I have a mani and a comparison for you. The comparison was a request from a reader - findaghost :) She saw my post about the Spoiled polishes I picked up from CVS that included "Shaken Snow Globe" that looks a lot like China Glaze "Snow Globe"

 Here are the two going up for comparison:
Please excuse the messy application:
 CG "Snow Globe" is on the fingers 1 and 3; Spoiled "Shaken Snow Globe" on fingers 2 and 4

So as you can see they are similar, but not dupes. China Glaze is bigger "chucks" then Spoiled. So sadly no dupe here.

And here is my mani :)  I figured I'd do something "coldish" since we just got our first big snow here in Wisconsin. This came out real close to what I saw in my mind :) Here are the polishes that I used in order of application:

Nicole "It's All About The Glam", Pure Ice "Oh Baby!", Finger Paints "Add & Abstract", 
Pure Ice "Strapless", and Spoiled "I Have No Reception"

I first used a clear base coat. I really should have used underwear because Nicole "It's All About The Glam" is very sheer and I needed 3 coats. I thought it was a good base since it is a white with a very pretty subtle shimmer. I used a coat of  SV before I did 2 coats of Pure Ice "Oh Baby!" to give the mani a nice blue shimmer. Another coat of SV. With , Finger Paints "Add & Abstract" I used a piece of a makeup sponge to sponge it on about 1/2 of each nail. To finish up the look I did one coat of 
Pure Ice "Strapless" over the blue and one coat of Spoiled "I Have No Reception" over that, and to finish up I did another coat of SV.
So I ended up with a total of 13 coats!!! lol Ended up a bit on the thick side, but I love it.

I went to Sally's yesterday and the girl that was at the register though they were fake and she was really surprised to find out that they were my real nails and that I did them myself :)

So what do you think? Please leave any questions or comments you may have below and as always Thanks for reading :)

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  1. Congrats on being the Tick Tock fan of the week! Thats awesome! Great comparison of the polishes. LOVE the gradient mani!


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