Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spoiled @ CVS

I've seen a few posts on other blogs about a new line of polish coming out from Wet N Wild called  Spoiled I've been going to all of the CVS's in my area trying to find them... Finally found them about a week ago. They were on a little display hanging from the side of a shelf. For more info on this product line please check out Nouveau Cheap's Blog. Well these are the 5 colors I bought when I first found them:
 L to R: Shaken Snow Globe, Bite Me, Show Me The Money, Distant Memory, and Black Mamba

2 coats each:  Bite Me, Distant Memory, Black Mamba, and Show Me The Money
 All of the formulas went on great with no issues. "Distant Memory" Is a bit more sheer and it could have used a 3rd coat, I didn't notice the bald spot until looking at the pictures on my computer,
 "Shaken Snow Globe" looks a lot like China Glaze "Snow Globe" I'll try and do a comparison soon. I love how "Show Me The Money" and "Black Mamba" look together.
The colors are great and so is the formula. I plan on buying more from this line.

Do you have any of the Spoiled polishes?

Please leave any questions or comments below, and thanks for reading :) Have a great New Year!


  1. Oh please do post a comparison between "Shaken Snow Globe" and China Glaze's Snow Globe. I was thinking of buying the latter but maybe I should just hunt down Spoiled at CVS!

  2. @findaghost - I will try and get a comparison up in the next couple of days :)

  3. My local CVS stores don't have these yet, and I'm going crazy seeing all the great swatches online and not having the polishes myself! ;)

  4. @Tonya - Remain Calm :) they are going to be a perm line at CVS so you'll get them eventually. I'm waiting for them to release all 72 colors... I want more :)

  5. I wouldn't have thought to layer SMTM over Black Mamba... it's awesome!

    I'm really liking the Spoiled line... I got 18 of them :) You can see swatches of them here if you'd like:


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