Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dotting Nail Fail...

When I did the 30 day challenge a few months ago I fell in love with dotting. I decided to try dotting with 3 colors. It looked so much better in my head then it turned out. I figured since this is my blog and I love posting successes, but I think it is good to also posts failures. It shows everyone that no one is perfect and sometimes it just doesn't turn out lol.
So for your viewing (or laughing) pleasure:
 I started out with 2 coats of Piggy Polish "Never Hide"
It's a pretty teal with a golden shimmer.
I then used Essie "Butler Please" and Essie "Beyond Cozy" to do the dotting on the nails.
 After the dotting I decided to do a french tip using the same polishes.
Please excuse the random "strands" I have no clue where they came from... but anyways, I just don't like how this turned out lol. It was a learning experience. I think the problem was that the colors I used didn't contrast enough. They kinda just blended together, and then the glitter just looks out of place. Oh well. Live and Learn!
I am happy to announce that I have just reached 400+ followers today, which means it's time for my next giveaway. My current one is still running so if you haven't entered yet please make sure to do so here:
I will be putting up the new giveaway either tonight or tomorrow. I'm really excited. I'm trying to decide if I should have 2 winners or just 1??? What do you think?
Thanks for reading and make sure to watch for the 400 follower giveaway!!!

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