Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Scuppered and Angel Wings

I love accent nails, mainly because I hate picking just 1 polish to wear lol. I have such a hard time deciding on a polish when I don't have a mani in mind. I wanted to use one of my new Butter London polishes and I ended up picking another polish that I felt went along with it.
 I used 3 coats of Butter London"Scuppered" It applied wonderfully. It was opaque in 2 coats, but I decided to do 3 just because I could lol.
 The polish I used for the accent nail is China Glaze "Angel Wings" which is from the new holiday collection. I also used 3 coats for this one, and the formula was great. It dried a bit gritty, but nothing top coat can't fix :)
  I've heard that this is a dupe for last years "Ultamate Holiday"... which I happen to have (comparison at the end of the post for those interested)
 The top coat transferred a few pieces of the green hex glitter from "Scuppered" on to "Angel Wings" I just wanted to make it clear that this was not part of "Angel Wings"
 China Glaze "Ultamate Holiday" and "Angel Wings"
 They do look super idetical in the bottles.
 Once applied to the nail I felt that "Ultamate Holiday" and a bit more sparkle to it then "Angel Wings" but other the that I think they are pretty dead on as dupes :)
I think if you have 1 of them that you really don't need to have both... unless your a crazy collector like myself lol
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