Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black, Silver,and Nubar

I really wanted to use my new Nubar "2010" so I decided to use black and silver polish. I used L.A. Colors "Circuits" and "Live" I did a half moon mani, I just really like how they look :)
Sorry for not cleaning up before taking the pictures.

I then topped it with Nubar "2010" here is a bunch of pictures since the colors are just so pretty. The colors are different depending on the angle you look at the nails. I tried to show it the best I could :)

To get some other looks I used a brighter lamp to get some more shots

So there you have it... so pretty I plan on trying it over some other colors so watch for those.
Take care and thanks for reading!!


  1. Very pretty! Stopping my from the Never Too Much Sparkle group to say hello and follow your blog :)

  2. Beautiful combo! And why hadn't I ever thought of using paper reinforcers as nail guides??


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