Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My latest haul from the Dollar Store!!

So I was out visiting a friend this past weekend so I decided to stop at a Dollar Tree I'd never been to before. I found a few things that weren't at the ones near my house and a few I'd seen before and just decided to finally pick up. I also stopped at a few other places and got something in the mail :) Take a look:
So all the L.A. Colors polishes and the Art Deco's were from the Dollar Store
 From left to right: Red, 24k glitter, Silver Glitter, Bright Green, Mint Green, Black Sparkles
From Left to Right: Circuits, Live, Tropical Breeze, Clear Coat, Sassy Sparkle

There was a Sally Beauty next to the dollar tree so I stopped in there too :) I had just signed up for a sally card so I had a $5 coupon so I got Orly "Love Each Other"
It's so pretty in the bottle I can't wait to try it :)

The next polish is something I've been wanting and I was able to find it on Ebay.... I got my very first Nubar polish. I got 2010...
This will be shown in my next post. I was so excited to use it :)

Next are a couple polishes I picked up at Wal-Mart..
Pure Ice "Heartbreaker"

The last thing I got this past weekend:
I found a nail supply shop in the area and I bought some empty polish bottles so I can try doig some frankens :)

So that's my haul. If you have any comments or questions please leave a comment. Thanks for reading :)


  1. AWESOME finds! I need to head to my dollar store & pick up some L.A. colors glitters for frankening - and I think I'll go look for empty polish bottles too, since I'm currently pouring about 2/3 of each bottle of clear nail polish out into whatever bottle I have empty, just to do a franken ^_^;

  2. eRIN... I plan on going back to get some for the same reason. I found the empty bottles at a nail supply shop, someone told me about it at Sally Beauty, but I would just look in the phone book and you might be able to find somewhere close to you. It's easier to have already empty bottles :) Let me know if you have any luck. Don't forget to follow my blog!! Thanks


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