Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last Minute polish change...

So last night I decided to change my polish again. It didn't work out the way I planned but I was able to improvise :)

I was going to use Confetti "My Favorite Martian" as the base but it just wasn't dark enough for me, so I decided to use underwear :) (a nice term I picked up from a friends blog) so I used Sinful Colors "Happy Endings"

 "Happy Endings" is a pretty light green with a nice shimmer in it. I almost didn't want to layer over it lol After 2 coats of "Happy Endings" I went over it with 1 coat of Confetti "My Favorite Martian"
"My Favorite Martian" is a nice green, the picture doesn't show it but there is a little bit of glitter in it :) So I wanted to try doing a tape mani on a diaginal.... Sadly when I added the second color L.A. Colors "Force" and removed the tape it pulled up some of the green :( so I improvised.... I used some of the glitter from when I did my shoes.

This is the end result. I didn't clean up because I was on my way to bed... and it was about midnight lol
I took a new picture today after eveything was all cleaned up :) 

 I hope you like it. Please leave any comments or questions you may have :) have a great night. I'm about to meet a friend for a couple drinks!!!

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