Sunday, December 11, 2011

Avon Matte Violetta

I've had this polish for awhile. I use to sell Avon before I really got into nail polish. Ever since I got this color I thought it was so pretty, but it kept getting pushed to the end of the line so to speak. I finally decided to try it out.... I was really disappointed. In the bottle "Violetta" is a deep purple with hints on pink and blue... on the nail, not so much...

 This is my first time using a matte nail polish, but the formula was horrible. Application was a pain in the butt. Ugggg... I really don't care for the final color either. It's so blah and nothing like it was in the bottle. I did a SV topcoat and it really helped. Maybe it is just me, but I think polishes look better when shiny. Such is the case with "Violetta"...
 You can really see the pink here
 The blue is beautiful at this angle
Much better with a top coat... This polish is with out a doubt going in to the swap drawer. I hope someone else can give it a proper loving home...

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