Friday, December 2, 2011

My awesome Dollar Store Find!!!

I went to the Dollar Store today during lunch because I needed to get some cookies :) As always I like to look around and see what they have. Well I was walking down an aisle and just happened to look down at a box on the floor and noticed the little packages looked fimiliar, so I took a closer look....

It was a box of Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome polish pens!!!! I've heard these are great for stamping but I never wanted to spend the $7-$8 they are always priced. For $1 each I couldn't pass it up so I grabbed a few. I think I got at least one of each color and then a double of ones I figured I use more. This is what I picked up:

These were the only colors they had. I'm going to check the one by my house after work.

Has anyone else been able to find these at the dollar store? Are you going to try and look for them? Please leave any questions/comments below, and thanks for reading my blog! :)


  1. I have a purple chrome and a red chrome, so I know they make those two extra at least.

  2. @Kitty, Thanks I went to another Dollar Tree last night and fouud the red and purple and bought some more of the other colors too. I bought 15 of them last night lol. I decided to stock up since it's such an awesome deal :)


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