Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Current Hauls...

 I have a few things to post about today... well night actually lol. For those of you that don't know CVS is have a huge cosmetics sale. You can find the master list @ Nouveau Cheap's Blog I went to a couple different ones and this is what I got...
 L to R: Hot Magenta, Crushed, Purple Potion Blue It, Plum Power, Flirt, Ivy League, Gunmetal, Caribbean Coral, Going Green, and Cherry Red... I think they came out to $0.79 each.

I can't remember the name of the Confetti polishes off hand, but I will try and look and update this later if anyone wanted to know. They were $0.49 each. The Sally Hansen Salon effects were $2.50 so I decided I'd give them a try... just not sure when lol. I got the nail stickers for under $1.00 each (2 of them are the same) and then I got 2 lip glosses from Wet N Wild because I like lip glosses and glitter :) I think total for everything was under $20... Not a bad deal at all :)

This past weekend I went to 7 Mile Fair again to pick up some more Kleancolor polishes. They have almost every color between the dozen of people that sell them. I went a bit crazy lol. I ended up buying about 30 bottles of polish... but in my defense they were only $1 each :).... ok ok I'm an addict and I have a problem, but admitting I have a problem is the first step, so really it's not that big of a problem.... well in my head anyways lol........ANYWAYS... here's my new pretties. IF you enlarge the pictures you can see the names... I'm to lazy to type them all today lol, sorry.

 The Pebble Beach colors are: Emerald Step 3, and Ruby Step 4

I also went to Ulta a week or two ago because I saw that they had 2 China Glaze polishes for the holiday so I HAD to get them :) and they were Buy 2 Get 1 Free :)

 I've heard that "Ultamate Holiday" is an Ulta Exclusive so I wanted to get it before it sold out. I also wanted "Fireside Glow" because it, like "Ultamate Holiday", and super pretty and sparkly!!! I guess they are kinda Holos... but I'm not positive on what to call them other then AWESOME!!! I got "Ruby pumps as my free one since I've been wanting it and it's always sold out when I'm actually looking for it. I just happened to find it sitting on another shelf. I also bought Orly "It's ot Rocket Science" I've been told that it is a dupe for "Zombie Zest" which I do own, but I love green so I wanted them both :) I'll have to do my own comparison of them. There are a few others I'd like to do comparisons on too... one day I'll get to it lol.

Lastly, I'm not a big perfume person, I normally go for body sprays. I was a  Wal-Mart the other day and  a box caught my attention, this box:

 The back of the box..

I decided to see what it smelt like so I was glad to see a tester. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it, but after walking around for a bit and smelling it on my jacket that I accidently sprayed lol I really like it. I also like how the little travel bottle looks like a vial of blood lol.

Here is the description on the parfum from the website:

A spellbinding top note of luscious fruits and flowers lurks with desire. Velvet petals saturate the heart with their seductive powers. Finally, an intoxicating creaminess intensifies her charm and lingers with its warmth, like a soft breath on her skin.

Be intrigued by its delicious allure, as tempting and mysterious as she. Be lost in her spell.

I must say I really like this parfum. My mom even liked it lol, and so did some of the women she works with (she made them smell it :)

Well I think that's it for tonight. Please leave any questions or comments below. Let me know if there are any colors from this post that you would like to see swatched. As always, thanks for reading!!! :)

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