Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fingerpaints & Zoya

So I saw a few posts about the new FingerPaints collection that is due out next month. You can see Polish Insomniac's post here: Coming Soon All Flakie Collection from FingerPaints

She has bottle shots of all 5 colors. Granted they don't look like much in the bottle, most flakies don't. But don't let that deceive you :)

I also saw a post by Siobhan at The Nailphile where she said she found them early at a Sally's and posted swatches of all 5 here

Well today I stopped in at one of my local Sally's and asked if they had them yet... The sales girl said "Yes, we just got them, let me make sure we can sell them..." About 1 minute later she came walking out with the display :) :) :) Oh happy day!!! I wanted to do a little happy dance... but I didn't want her to think I was "special" lol So I just told her I'd take one of each color and made my way to the register. I had a coupon for $5 off of $25 so I grabbed a $0.99 eyeshadow since I was short about 5 cents lol. So I pretty much bought 4 and got one free.... (and an eyeshadow lol) I was happy my whole way home :)

So I decided to show you my very first Zoya polish and one of the new FP polishes :)

Here is my very first Zoya Polish "Edyta":

 I LOVE this polish. I almost didn't want to layer over it. It is a gorgeous golden olive green/brown to gunmetal/black shift. It is such a pretty color and I love love love it. I will be picking up a few more Zoya polishes if they are as pretty as "Edyta"!!! Weird name but awesome color :)

This is two coats of "Edyta" I decided to try out FingerPaints "Twisted" first since it has so many colors in it :) Here's some spam, I really wish I had a better lens on my camera to do both of these some justice.... oh well, hopefully soon...
 Not sure where that hair (most likely from one of my fur babies) on my index finger came from. I didn't see it when I was taking the picture... sorry :(

 A blurry pic to be able to see all the different color a little better

"Twisted" is so awesome. There are so many colors in this flakie is is beyond awesome....

What do you think? Do you plan on getting an of these polishes? Please leave any questions of comments below and as always, Thanks for reading :)

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