Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KleanColor and FingerPaints

I wanted to use another one of the FingerPaints special effects because, well.... who doesn't like a good flakie? :)

I decided to use "Flecked" since I love green. I figured a nice purple would be good for a base since they are complementary colors. I had gotten a really pretty KleanColor purple this past weekend and was glad to be able to use it so soon :) It's called "IT Purple" here are some pics...

 It's really hard to describe this color. It's a very vibrate almost blacken purple. It's gorgeous!!! The application was great and smooth. I used 2 coats.
 "Flecked" is beautiful in it's own right. I think the two go together great. I'm really happy with the results. I also used two coats so there would be more flakie coverage :) Here's some photo spam!!

What other colors would you like to see this over. I'm always looking for some suggestions :) As always thanks for reading and please leave any comments or questions below.

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