Saturday, December 24, 2011

My one and only x-mas mani

I'm not one for x-mas. Too much has changed since I was a kid that I no longer look forward to it. To me this is just another day.... so yes... Bah Humbug!! Oh well that's just me. I kept it simple and just did a candy cane look. Here it is....

 I'm not sure what happened to my index finger... somehow I got a dent in it... maybe I went to bed to soon after doing my nails :( oh well, just ignore it lol if you can :)
 I love my wonderful striping tape that I got from ebay a couple weeks ago :) so much easier to do some designs. Now I just have to start playing around with my dotting tools :)

 My thumb.. it looks really weird shaped in this picture. I assure you I have a normal looking thumb, not like Megan Fox lol

These are the polishes I used for this mani...
WNW - French White Cream; essie - Marsmallow; Zoya - Sarah; China Glaze - Fairy Dust & Snow Globe

I did two coats of WNW for the base (I really need to find a good 1 coat white) then 1 coat of "marshmallow" (too sheer to use alone)  to even it out. I put about 4 strips of striping tape on each nail and painted 1 coat of "Sarah" to create the main color. "Sarah" is a awesome color. The formula is wonderful. This was my first time using a Zoya polish and I plan on getting more :)

I felt that I still needed something so I added some "Fairy Dust" but it still didn't look complete so I decided to try out "Snow Globe" and voila!! I have my finished mani.

Do you know of any good one coat white polishes? Have you done a candy cane mani?

Thanks again for reading and please leave any questions or comments below.

Merry X-Mas and/or Happy Holidays :)


  1. A good friend of mine bought me a bottle of snow globe and it's coming in the mail sometime next week. I am so excited to get to try it out after seeing how pretty it is on your mani, which I also adore! ^_^

  2. @Kileiona - Thanks so much. i love Snow Globe.. it's so pretty and when you look at it on your nail it almost looks like there are little snow flakes on your nails, but it goes on really smooth!! You'll have to let me know what you think of it whe you get it!! Happy Holidays! and thanks for reading :)


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