Monday, December 19, 2011

Julep Maven for 1 Penny!!!!

I just signed up to become a Julep Maven and I and so excited.

So if you don't know what a Julep Maven is here you go:
The way it works is you sign up, get a sneak peek box for $0.01 (with free shipping), and then each month you get $40 worth of nail goodies for $19.99. You can cancel at anytime, you can skip a month too if you, or even send that month's box to someone else. I just signed up for the program and I am looking forward to getting my first box. Also all future purchases are 20% off with free shipping and you also can earn a free months for every 2 people you refer!!!
If this is something you are interested in you should really check it out. How can you pass it up? It's only 1 penny!!!
Go sign up and join all the other people who have already joined!!!
 Just use the code "SHAREON" and you will receive your first month for $0.01!!! How can you can no to that? Become a Julep Maven today

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