Monday, May 21, 2012

Blurple Gradient!

This is my post for the 90 Day Challenge today, no clue what day it's on, but at least I'm posting lol

I've really been on a gradient kick lately. I just love how they look and there are so many different combinations. I couldn't decide what colors to use so I asked the SO to pick 2 colors, and I had to add "and not green" because he ALWAYS says green lol. So he chose blue and purple.

After choosing the blue and purple that I thought would look great together I did my base coat with China Glaze "Gothic Lolita"

 I love this polish. I really should wear it more. The formula is great and opaque in 1 coat. I was surprised. I planned on only doing 1 coat anyways since it was just a base for the sponging. But this is how it looks with one coat :)

I then used 2 Wet N Wild colors for the sponging: " Teal Of Fortune" and "Hannah Pinktana"

 Wet N Wild "Teal Of Fortune"

 Wet N Wild "Hannah Pinktana"

 I started off sponging the top half of the nail with ToF and then the top half with HP. I kept switching between the two colors sponging over lapping them in the center of the nail so they would blend and fade into each other. 

 The purple was more sparkly then the blue so I added a coat of Northern Lights to each nail.
Man do these puppies sparkle in the sun :) I'm really enjoying the gradients and I'm most likely be doing more. Should I keep posting them? or is everyone tired of seeing them? Please let me know in the comments below!!!

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