Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Eyes Of The Day 31

So I know that I've been absent from my blog for almost 2 weeks. I've been dealing with a bout of depression, and other general life issues. I was going to try and make up for the day I missed, but I think it would just be a bit over whelming right now, so I'm just going to pick up on the current day. I hope you all understand and I am going to try and get back into posting daily again. Thank you for hanging in there with me :) so on to the pretties....

Day 31 of the 90 Day Challenge

I'm going to keep it kind of simple today and just show you my LOTD :) This was just a little quickie eye look I put together before work. I really like the outcome, but I wish my camera would have picked up the sparkle a little more... but it still looks pretty :)

The shadows that I used were:
Venomous Cosmetics: "Boomslang" - inner lids
Fyrinnae: Arcane Magic - "Madame & Eve's" - outer lids
MOI Cosmetics: "Cactus" - browbone, highlight
Chromatic Cosmetics: "Terrestrial" - over "Madame & Eve's" for a little more glow

Well I think that's is for today. Tomorrow will most likely be swatches/review of either Victorian Disco Cosmetics or Venomous Cosmetics.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out the other girls participating:


  1. I love the way Boomslang and Madam and Eve's work together!

  2. i love the blue and black together


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