Monday, May 7, 2012

Latest Haul! - Day 35

Day 35 of the 90 Day Challenge

I know that my polish collection is way big, but I have a hard time saying no to the pretty bottles. I go into stores to do some shopping and try to stay away from the polish but it hunts me down and finds me. It knocks me down and won't let me back up until I promise to take it home with me. What!? For real that's how it really happens, I Swear!!! lol ok that's how it feels some times :) Well this is what I've recently picked up.

 L to R: Icing - "Forget You" " Almost Famous" "Call Me Glitzy" "Red-y Or Not Here I Am"
 L to R: China Glaze - "Sexy In The City" "Grape Juice" "Riveting"

I love "Riveting" so I had to pick up a spare bottle while I could :) I realized later that I already had "Grape Juice" so not I have a spare bottle of that too lol

 L to R: Nina's Ultra Pro - "Opal Elegance" "Molten Opal" "Like Butta" and "Unteal You"

 L to R: FingerPaints - "Silkscreen Green" "Pop Art Purple" "Inkblot Blue" and "Late Night Rendezvous"

 L to R: Zoya - "Charla" and "Ivanka" and Sally Hansen - "Teeny Greeny Bikini" and "Pumpkin Spice"
I bought the Sally Hansen at the Dollar Store for $1.00 for a 2-pack.

 L to R: Orly - "Buried Alive" "Mysterious Curse" "After Party"

"Buried Alive" and "Mysterious Curse" are from the Dark Shadows Collection. I'm very excited for the movie and these polishes are beautiful. The other 2 in the collection were a red and white cream and I found nothing interesting in those 2.

I haven't used any of these yet but I can't wait to, so look for some manis using these. Let me know if there are any you are really wanting to see!

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  1. I'd love to see Mysterious Curse & Buried Alive :D

    1. Ask and you shall receive :) I was trying to figure out want to use just now, Thanks for making that easier for me lol. Check back tommorrow!!!

  2. Those Finger Paints polishes look awesome! Love that green one! I have a hard time saying no to polish too :)


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