Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yar! There be Another Gradient!!

First thing I want to say is I just added a new feature... If  you look over here -----> you will see that you can now see my current bottle count. Now you can see just how many polishes I have!!!

On to other thing....

I have another gradient for you today. I recently found the Color Club "Take Wing" set at Burlington Coat Factory for $7.99!!!
 Before getting this set I only had 2 lonely Color Club's, so now they have some friends :)

I really wanted to try some of these polishes out and I wanted to do another gradient... so here is what I did!!

 I started with 1 coat of Confetti "Lonesome Dove" It's a very nice gray with a nice formula and great coverage. I only used 1 coat since it was a base coat and I don't think I really needed it to be opaque.

 These are the 3 colors I decided to use from the set. The bottles don't have names so I had to look them up online. From L to R: Dasiy Does, Sparkle and Soar, and Wing Fling.

 I used a makeup sponge to apply the polishes one at a time and overlapping. I went back and forth between colors until I was happy with them. I did realize that these were a pain to clean up lol it just didn't want to come off.
 I wanted to add a little something to my nails so I did a little stamping. I really need to get more plates. I don't care for some of the ones I have. But I do like skulls so I was happy :) I just did the one skull on my ring finger on each hand....

 And on my thumbs I did one big skull and one small skull.

I like the result... minus the mess lol.

Are you sick of seeing gradients? I have a few more that I've done and I have a few more ideas!!

Thank you for reading and don't forget to enter my giveaway!!

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