Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hard Candy Holiday Polishes

Today I am going to be showing you the holiday mini nail polishes from Hard Candy found at Wal-Mart. They released a 5 piece set and 8 individual polishes. And here they all are for your viewing pleasure.

side note: I had to go to a few different Wal-Marts to find them all.

Here are all 8 of the individual polishes:
and here are the 5 from the set, without the box... I threw it out before I took a picture :(... sorry.

Since these are such small bottles I decided to swatch them on a nail wheel (or whatever you call them lol) so I numbered the bottle and swatches to correspond with each other since they do not have any names or anything. All swatches are 1 coat.

#1: A basic silver with micro glitter, nothing totally special but it's still pretty.
#2: This one is kind of a redish pinkish color. It has a shimmer in it and is really pretty in person.
#3: I guess this could be considered more of a tangerine then an orange. This one also has shimmer
#4: Your run of the mill black w/silver glitter. This is also very similer to their "Mischief" from the 2010 holloween collection I was able to find last month at Wal-mart in clearance.

sorry about the hair lol
 #5: In the bottle this looked similar to #1, but on the nail it is totally different. #1 was pack with micro silver glitter, where #5 has very sparse small round silver glitter and smallish hex silver glitter.
#6: It's hard to see but this one has a faint yellow base and has gold micro glitter (dupe of #11)
#7: I was looking forward to this one the most since I love green. It's not bad, the green base is very pretty and I really like the green glitter that is a little bit dark color then the base. (dupe of #12)
#8: This is a dupe of #3
#9: This is a lovely purple and I love glitter so this is a win :) I thought that this would be a dupe of #10, so I put them next to each other on the color wheel, but I was wrong and very surprised.

sorry about the red speck on #12 I had an accident with another polish so please ignore that :) Thanks!!
#10: This is one of my surprise favorites for this collection. It has a very pretty purple-to-blue color shift in it that I was not expecting.
#11: dupe of #6
#12: dupe of #7
#13: This is a nice bright blue with shimmer in it that makes me think of a nice clean ocean or some crystal clean water source lol

 Most of these polishes are very pretty and totally worth $1 each. There are a couple that aren't anything special, to me anyways. Everyone likes different things :) If you want to get them all I do want to remind you that 3 of the polishes in the 5-piece set are dupes for 3 or the individual polishes. The only difference in these polishes are the size of the bottles, the individual ones ar 4ml and the set are 3ml. I have them shown here:

So if you are wanted to get each color I would suggest getting the set and the black, blue, silver, red/pink, and the purple in the individual ones. 

One piece of exciting news before I go, in the next couple of weeks I will be annoucing possible giveaways coming up for my blog so don't forget to keep checking back!!!

Have you gotten any of these or do you plan to? If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and as always thanks for reading and don't forget to follow my blog.

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