Friday, November 25, 2011

More KleanColor Chunky Holo!!!

First off, I am really sorry about not posting sooner. I was going to the other day but we are having issues with our Internet service so the only place I can post from is my work. So without more talk here are some more of the Kleancolor Chunky Holo collection :) Enjoy!!!

First up is "Clover":

 This is a very pretty green and I just loved it in the bottle. I swatched it above alone and over black. Just about all of the Chunky Holo's look the same over black. Since "Clover" is so sheer I decided to use underwear with this polish.
 I used 2 coats of Jordana "Good Luck Charm" I felt like this was close to the color of clover and would work great with it.

 This is 2 coats of "Clover" over "Good Luck Charm."I love the sparkle. I love green too, so this was a win for me.

Next is "Scarlet":

 As you can see in this swatch that the "Scarlet," when layer over black becomes reddish too. I like the effect, but for this post I didn't layer.

 This is a very deep red. I didn't need underwear at all and with 2 coats I had full opacity. The red is definitely one of my favorites from this collection. I love the sparkle and how it isn't over powering at all. With my crappy lens on my camera right now it is had to get picture on the flakies in the polish.

The last color for today is "Candy":

 This is another holo that looks a bit different over black. It gives the black sort of a murky brown color. Not so sure how I feel about that lol. This is a pretty bright pink, but it's not neon.

Like "Scarlet" I did not need underwear for this polish. I hit full opacity in 2 coats. I think out of all of the polishes this is the brightest colored one.

Like another reader posted, these polishes look more like flakies then they do holo. Not sure why  they called them Chunky Holo's because there is nothing holo about them... anyways lol

The formula in these polishes are very thick, so you have to make sure the first coat is mostly dry before you add the next coat otherwise it's just going to get messy. There is a slight odor with these polishes but nothing real strong.

If your interested in buying these polishes yourself right now the seller on Ebay is having a sale, the link to the current active auction for these polishes is Kleancolor Nail Polish - Chuky Holo Set You get all 9 of the Chunky Holos and a bottle of Madly Matte.

The sellers store can be found here:

I've made an agreement with the seller that for every 10 people that order from them from my blog I will receive some polishes and I plan on using some of them for giveaways!!! When you order just make sure to use the code "peacock" They prices are great and cheaper then most other online stores. Please go check it out.

Again the ebay store is Beauty Couture and make sure to use the code "peacock"

Thanks for reading and please leave any questions and comments below. Have a great weekend!!

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