Sunday, November 13, 2011

My First Swap!!!

I was so excited to have my very first swap recently. I was looking for China Glaze "Zombie Zest" one day and I came across a blog... the link I originally found wasn't the correct address, but I found my way lol. I found Nailxchange!!!! Sylwia is from Canada and she had a bottle of "Zombie Zest" up for a swap. After I did a little happy dance in my chair at work..... yes I look at blogs at work lol. It's a small office, so I get away with a lot:).... I sent her an email.

Sylwia is awesome. She is so nice and we talked and made arrangements to swap polishes. I just received mine yesterday and wanted to show you what I got... but first you should go check out her blog because she is having a blog sale before she moves to Greece... How awesome is that??? So go take a look at what she has, you might find something you like: NailXchange Blog Sale

OK so now on to what I received.... (sorry the pictures aren't the greatest. My lens broke so I had to use an old one off a manual camera lol)

From L to R: Joe Fresh "Peacock", "Twilight", China Glaze "Zombie Zest", and Maybelline "Ruby Rays" and "Pink Pinata"

 Flakies :)
"Zombie Zest" hehe so happy... oh and the polish I'm wearing is a franken I made and I'll be posting about it soon, so watch for that coming soon ;)
 These were actually a surprise to get but I was really excited because I don't really have any flakies other than Nubar 2010.

So those are my newest pretties and I will be showing you "Twilight" on my next post. Until then don't forget to go check out Sylwia's blog sale !!! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and thanks for reading:)

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