Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Remaining Pure Ice Swatches

I have the other 3 of the 5 Pure Ice colors I bought at Walgreens. I have the blue "All Night Long" the red "Super Star" and the green "Tease Me"

First up is "All Night Long":
 This is a beautiful blue. It went on like a dream and I could have gotten away with one coat but I decided to do two anyways. This polish dried very shiny and so pretty. Again since I can't leave anything alone and I love to layer I added a coat of Klean Color "Cream Pearl" (Which I got this past weekend in my latest haul, will be on the next post) on top.

 I was kinda sad that this polish dulled "All Night Long" some but I still like how it turned out. "Cream Pearl" is a tranlucent white base with blue, pink, and purple flecks in it. It is so pretty :)

Next up is "Super Star":

This is a very pretty red and I love the colors in it. There are gold and red  flecks in it make it muh different they any of my other reds. Again I layered it :) I used Pure Ice "Oh Baby" which made this much much pretier lol It's got all the colors of the rainbow hehe.

How pretty is that? :)

Last and sadly in my opinion least.... "Tease Me"

I was so disappointed with this polish. I love green and I wanted to love this color, but it just couldn't I don't know why. My mom liked it and so did a few others... Green is my favorite color so I was really surprised on how I felt about it. I figured layering something over it couldn't hurt anything, so that's what I did.

*Quick note: after I took this picture and I set my camera down it slid and fell on the ground and something inside of the lens broke, so this was the last pic i took with my nice Nikon D40 :( so until I can get a new camera I'll have to use my coolpix point and shoot... that said here are pics of my layering...

So there you have it. I think out of the 5 my favorites were the purple and the gold. Have you tried any of the otehr colors? Which one is your favorite?

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