Friday, November 18, 2011

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Collection for under $20!!!!

So I was lucky to find a place to buy all 9 of the Kleancolor Chunky Holos for a really good price. I know a lot of people don't like ebay, but I found a seller that sells all 9 of the Holos and a bottle of "Madly Matte" for only $19 and free shipping!!! How awesome if that? You'll find the link to the sellers store and some exciting news at the end of this post :)

I just got my polishes in the mail yesterday and I was so excited. I was able to remember to take a pic of the package before I ripped into them lol.
 Each bottle was wrapped individually and then they were all wrapped in bubble wrap together. Look at the hidden pretties :) Sorry for the somewhat blurry pics, my using an old lens on my camera until I can get a better one since my other one broke :( Here they are unwrapped:

 Chunky Holo: Scarlet, Teal, Purple, Clover, and Candy
Chunky Holo: Black, Poppy, Fushia, Bluebell and Madly Matte

I swatched all of them on a color wheel right away alone and over black. Over black they all look the same except for "Scarlet," "Candy," and "Black" but you will see that when I get to those reviews :)
For the first review we have is "Teal"

A quick note about these polishes. I have noticed a slight odor with them but it's nothing over powering, but it is worth noting. I still love these polishes though :)

Here is the inital swatch I did and again sorry for the crappy pictures...
I like that there is a color to the base so it is still nice to wear alone. I decided to add a base coat though so I'd get full opacity. I used a Sally Girl polish, it doesn't have a name.. but there is a number I think I'd have to look. Anyways here is the base, I did 2 coats.
This polish does have a pretty blue to green shift but I just couldn't catch it with my crappy lens :( oh well. And here it is covered with 2 coats of "Chunky Holo Teal"
 It was so hard to try and capture the prettiness of this polish.
At this angle you can see all the flakes in the polish. They mainly ranged from yellow, orange, and green. I've never done a matte nail so I figured I'd try it since I got a bottle with this set.

With the matte topcoat the flakies were a little easier to see, but I just wasn't feeling the matte look, I guess I just expect nails to be shiny and pretty lol. Well here are some more pics for you :)

So all in all I really like this polish. It's pretty and a bit on the subtle side. It went on great even though it is a bit on the thicker side but that didn't bother me at all. I did have an issue after I put the topcoat on but I think it was from the top coat it's self. I used "Out The Door" fast dry top coat and I had issues with the polish moving on my nails. Hard to describe but yeh I think I'll stick with my SV.

So do you want to get these pretty polishes all for yourself? here is the link to the ebay store: Beauty Couture They have 236 colors of Kleancolor polish and cosmetics along with a few other brands like Santeen, Cherimoya and the 2012 crackles, also NYX cosmetics, L.A Colors cosmetics and polishes, Nabi polish and cosmetics. For example you can get 80 Kleancolor polishes of your choice for $94.59 with free shipping!!! Now that's a great deal!

I've made an agreement with the seller that for every 10 people that order from them from my blog I will receive some polishes and I plan on using some of them for giveaways!!! I'm not sure if I should just do it for the people that ordered or for all of my followers, what do you think? When you order just make sure to use the code "peacock" They prices are great and cheaper then most other online stores. Please go check it out.

Again the ebay store is Beauty Couture and make sure to use the code "peacock"

Keep checking back for the reviews to the rest of the colors and updates for my giveaways. Please spread the word. The more people that order the more giveaways I will be able to have :) If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and thanks for reading!!


  1. I'd think a feedback rating of only 95% would give you a moments hesitation before buying from that seller. You took a real chance there, glad it worked out well.

  2. I actually contacted the seller beforehand and they had really great communication and was very nice. I've been on ebay for over 10 years and have only had issues once. But I know what you mean, that's why I contacted them first and I looked at the feedback as well. Plus it was a great deal of the polishes :)

  3. These look more like flakies rather than holo polishes. Still quite pretty though and a great price!

  4. @Amanda - yeh I thought the same thing when I saw them. Not sure why they used holo, but they are very pretty :)


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