Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 18: Half Moon = Epic Fail

UPDATED: See the end of the post for swatches of the other polish I used for this mani, but forgot to take pics of!!
So I have a total Epic Fail for you today. I don't know what I was thinking last night. So normally I do the days challenge the night before. I did today's half-moon last night, and tomorrows galaxy tonight. I work during the day and it's just want works out the best for me.... anyways. I was at Walgreens yesterday during lunch and I bought 2 of the new L'Oreal Project Runway polishes. I figured I would use them both right away. Well I started out....
 2 coats of OPI "Oh, Waiter!" from the recent Ulta collection.
 This is one of my go-to underwear polishes. I like the fact that it's not bright white, yet not dark gray either. It's a nice neutral color and it applies great!
 Next I did 3 coats of L'Oreal "The Temptress' Power" I was drawn to this color and it's mate, I think it was the green shimmer that did me in lol. It's mainly a golden, orangish brown with a strong green shimmer. Application was good, but very sheer. I did 3 coats over the underwear just to make sure I had even coverage.
But honestly, I think I may already have a dupe, if not more, in my collection already. This one may go into the swap pile. I love the color... but it's not an original one. I guess I felt I needed to buy it since it was like a pair with the other polish.
This is where the fail comes in... After I did the half-moon... I didn't take pictures :( WTF!!! I didn't even realize it until I was making this post. And I just finished my galaxy nails, so no re-do's right now.
I do plan on re-doing it tomorrow before I attempt my water marble... never caught the hang of it. I will post an update on the post with the other polish L'Oreal "The Temptress' Touch" which I love.
To make up for this fail here is a preview of tomorrow's galaxy nails, another first for me...
Thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for an update on this post and too see my galaxy nails. Don't forget to check out the other blogs below. I bet none of them forgot to take their pictures lol.

UPDATE: This is the other polish I used, but forgot to take pictures of the finished project. Sorry about that :)
Bottle Shot: 
 L'Oreal "The Temptress' Touch" - This is easily one of my favorite greens I own. I don't think I have any other polish similar to this. It's just awesome in a bottle!!
 I did the swatches on a nail wheel so you could see them next to each other.
 Left "The Temptress' Power"; Right "The Temptress Touch"
  Left 3 coats "The Temptress' Power"; Right 2 coats "The Temptress Touch"
One last picture for the road.... so pretty!!!


  1. aha thats so funny
    i love the opi color btw!

  2. That Loreal polish looks gorgeous! I can't find those anywhere!


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