Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 25: Inspired By Fashion

"Inspired By Fashion".... I don't do fashion. I know nothing about fashion. My idea of a cute outfit is a t-shirt with some silly picture and a nice fitting pair of jeans. I'll never understand why anyone would spend a crazy amount of money for a pair of jeans, let alone a Coach purse, or any of those other brands that coats more then my car payment. Anyways, the point I'm making is... I know nothing about fashion. I don't really care either to be honest. So this one was really hard for me. I browsed google looking at fashion week photos and I found a few I liked. Here is my inspiration:

 I've always thought Indian clothes were so beautiful. I love the patterns and the colors. I thought this would be easy for me to do and fun..... And then it snuck up on me.... "Shitty Nail Night" It was one of those night that no matter what I did something went wrong. The polish smudged, accidentally dinged your freshly painted nail, your stamping won't transfer... pretty much all the worst crap happens on that night and there is nothing you can do about. That was totally my night. It was horrible, and ended with a big nail fail and I almost didn't want to post, but I missed a day yeh and I want to make it the full 30 days. So here it is.

These are the polishes I used : Sally Hansen "Ivory Skull", Spoiled "Checkin' Into Rehab", OPI "Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs" and KleanColor "Metallic Yellow" I forgot to take a picture on the unnamed gold striper.

I started out with 2 coats of Sally Hansen "Ivory Skull"I really don't care for the formula. It's of but I wouldn't call it my go to white polish. I'm still searching for a decent one.

 I then painted one half of each nail with Spoiled "Checkin' Into Rehab" The other half of my nails and my entire ring fingers were painted with OPI "Suzi & The 7 Dusseldorfs"

The gold stripes are from an unnamed nail art striper, and the failed attempt at stamping was done with KleanColor "Metallic Yellow"

 Nothing wanted to work, and I ended up just giving up. I almost didn't even finish the mani, but I figured I'd rather have a finished Hot Mess of a Mani, then a half-assed, half-finished pile o' poop. So aren't you the lucky ones that get to step up and see the Finished Hot Mess lol

I could have done better, but I just didn't have the time for a re-do. So there you have it. Hot Mess Fail and all.

Thank you for reading and please check back tomorrow. I'm planning on trying something new that I've never done, but have been wanting to. Also check out the ladies below :)

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