Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 5: Blue Nails...And A Gradient!

Today is Day 5 and I'm so proud of myself that I'm still in it :). I did blue nails but I also used pink. I think the colors go well together. Without further ado here are the nails...
 I like how the 2 colors combined in the center and created a 3rd color, totally unplanned and unexpected, but a pleasant surprise :)
 For the untried polish I used China Glaze ""Fuchsia Fanatic" and....
 China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise" which I also believe is an untried, but I could be wrong.
 When the two colors combined they created a nice purple which I really liked.
 I wanted to mix it up a little so I reversed the gradient on the ring finger... but I think I should have skipped it. I think it disturbs the simple beauty of this mani... but I could be wrong! lol
 Not being able to leave well enough alone I decided to add a coat of Sinful Colors "Pearl Harbor" which is a blue iridescent glitter in a clear base. It's very subtle, and very pretty!
 I know that in some of the pictures is seems to be a very obvious glitter, but it really wasn't. You would just catch glimpses and sparkles in the right light.
 I think "Pearl Harbor" is a very simple but versatile glitter to have in anyone collection. Plus at the normal prince of $1.99 at Walgreens it's a great deal. Plus you can often find it on sale for $0.99 :)
Well that's it for today. Thank you all so much for reading and please check back tomorrow for "Violet Nails" My hint for you is... I used the saran wrap method :)
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