Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 7: Black & White Nails

 Today is black and white nails and I've been looking forward to this day because it gave me a reason to use some of my water decals :) I love a reason to play with my pretties :)
 I started out with 2 coats of my new favorite white polish. I've already bought a back up bottle :) It's from the new Sally Hansen collection. I even love the name of the color "Ivory Skull" hehe I like skulls :)
 I planned on doing a gradient so I decided to use my Elmer's glue again for easier clean up :) (that's what all the 'white' stuff is around the nails lol)
 I figured I'd try out a new black as my untried, also from the new Sally Hansen collection "Onyx" I love the gradient but I couldn't leave it alone :)
 I used Chelsea "Dip It Low" to add a little green tint to my mani :) I did this for a reason.... you will see why below....
 hehehe :) I used little panda decals!!!! They are so cute! I got them for review from KKCenterHK. I like how "Dip It Low" adds the green tint to make you think of the greens they eat :) hehe see I did it on purpose!!
 This was my first time using water decals and these were super easy to handle. I will be using these a lot more in the future.
Look at the little guy... he's so cute!!! I only used 1 decal per hand since I'll be changing my mani tomorrow. Next time I will have to try using these with some more nail art.
If you want to get these decals for yourself you can find them here: kkcenterhk they have a lot of stuff and not just nail supplies either. Plus their prices are great and shipping is pretty fast for coming from overseas.
Well that's in for today. Tomorrow is metallic nails... not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm sure it will be fun lol. Make sure to check back tomorrow for that and don't forget to check out the others participating below :)

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