Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 21: Inspired By A Color

 In theory "Inspired By A Color" sounds good.... yeah not so much. Once I sat down and started thinking about it, I thought "What the hell does that mean?" I'm sure each person is going to interpret their own way. I took it as a mani inspired by a certain polish. After I got that down I had a vision in my head..... and I fell flat on my face :( Unfortunately!
I hate when I get so caught up in what I'm doing that I forget to take picture :( So I don't have a picture of the first polish alone.
 I started out with 2 coats of Revlon "Haunted Heart" When I put my first coat down I was really surprised. I don't know why, but I expected this to be a sheer jelly like polish, but it wasn't. It is a very opaque polish and not jelly-like at all. So it kinda threw off my whole plan from the start but, I stuck with it. I love this polish either way! It is a gorgeous orange with a multi color gold shimmer to it. It translates very well on the to nail, but not so much in pictures.
 All of the polishes I used for this mani are untrieds.
 I was trying to use Jordana "Funky Gold Town" to bring out more of the gold in the polish. It's just a basic hex gold glitter.
Now this is where I had to take a detour from my original plan. Because I thought "Haunted Heart" was going to be a jelly polish I was going add another layer over the glitter. But it was too opaque for that, So I chose another polish.
 I used 1 layer of Revlon  "Spooky Skull" but it ended up muting out the orange, so it wasn't what I had planned.
I guess it wasn''t too bad since I did get a few compliments about my nails.
Well that's it for today. Check back tomorrow for "Inspired By A Song" I have my song picked out and I can't wait to get started with that mani. Thanks for reading and don't forget to show some love to the blogs below! Thanks!!

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