Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 19: Galaxy

 Galaxies... I've been looking forward to and dreading this day, dreading tomorrow even more. I love all the galaxy manis I see, but I felt like I'd never be able to pull off a decent one, so I just kept putting it off. I'm happy to report that I'm actually pretty happy with this one. I've also made a few mental notes for next time. I'm not going to bore you will a lot of words today... just a lot of pictures :)
 For the base of my galaxy I used 2 coats of Orly "Androgynie" I felt the glitter in it gave a good illusion of far off planets.
I added 1 coat of Misa "Sweet Pleasure" for a little otherworldly glow.
 Next I randomly sponged on Wet N Wild "Bow In My Presence" and...
 Wet N Wild "Jewels For Your Highness"
 Then using a nail art brush and a dotting tool, I used 3 polishes to create me other spacy items :) OPI "Alpine Snow" 
 Sinful Colors "Cinderella"
 and Essence "Oh My Glitter!" and I finished it all off with a coat of OTD "Northern Lights" Topcoat
 Left Hand
 Right Hand
 Orly "Androgynie", Misa "Sweet Pleasure" Wet N Wild "Bow In My Presence" and "Jewels For Your Highness"
 OPI "Alpine Snow", Sinful Colors "Cinderella", Essence "Oh My Glitter!", and OTD "Northern Lights"
 Left Hand
 Right hand.
I forgot to mention that I used glue as my base since I knew I was going to use more then a couple glitter polishes. I must say that the glue does hold up pretty well. About an hour or 2 after I finished my nails I took a shower. I figured if they got messed up it wasn't that big of a deal since I had already taken the pictures. Well After my shower, and I didn't try to protect them either, they looked just like they did before my shower. There wasn't any smudges, dents, gouges, peeling or anything of the sort. And they peeled off really easy when it came to be removal time.

Well that's it for today thank you all for reading and remember to check back tomorrow for my attempt at water marble. Also check out the other ladies below.

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